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  • Posted by Brian on November 8, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Went out yesterday from 7 to 3 p.m. with a cool guy from Pennsylvania. We bass fished all day catching maybe 12. It was an OK day, but we did have to grind out each bite. I wish we went out today because it is cloudy and sprinkling….. I also heard the fish were biting well. Nevertheless, this is how yesterday went.

    My client and I started right across from Sister Cove where there is a red channel buoy and white PVC pole. On top of the flat behind the red buoy and to the right where the PVC pole is, there is about 6 stumps in 3 foot of water. We each had on a Heddon spook Jr, one in chartreuse/ white and the other red/white. We fished the stump row while sitting and 12 feet without a bite. We moved up to the second cut through and started casting to the left point. Quickly my client caught a short largemouth in 1ft on top of the point. Moments later I had a nice fish blow up on my spook on the same point and again 5 minutes later just out a little further in 5ft off the point. We fished down the old fence row with the stumps without another bite. The water temperature was 66 degrees and the water is still just above 3 feet below summer pool.

    Our next spot was the long point across from Bryant’s Grove boat ramp. Fishing with our spooks and mixing in a shaky head with a black Zoom trick worm and 1/4oz wobble head with a Big Bite swimming craw black and blue we never had a single bite. I tried to stay in 1-4ft the entire time.

    Our next spot was inside Bryant Grove Cove on the left bank in the back. This is where we have been catching smallmouths the last couple months. I kept the boat in 4-7ft while we cast into 1 to 2ft. Fishing with Redeye rattle traps 1/2oz in natural shad color and an Academy H2O squarebill in shad pattern we fished 200 yards of flat rock without a bite. There were very little bait in here as in most of the coves on Percy Priest right now. With the lake lowering slowly most of the fish are holding to points and boulders near the channel where there is the most current. I cruise over to Four Corners cut through near the LaVergne Pump House. We started fishing the rocks out in the middle on the right side of the cut through, but then quickly observed a school of bait and bass feeding to the left of us over near the pump house. I trolled over to the closest point near the pump house and we started casting are rattle traps and squarebill crankbaits. Moments later my client caught a decent largemouth off the point in 2ft right after he ripped it out of the rocks from being snag. Several minutes later he caught another largemouth closer to the pump house out of 2 feet of water. We fished around the point to the inside of the next cove on the right without a bite and then pulled up the trolling motor. I motored through the cut through to the back side of Mousetail Island. Fishing with a rattle traps and squarebill crankbaits we caught three more including one keeper off the boulder rocks. Our last spot mid-lake was the cove on the right just before Hobson Pike bridge. We fished the rocks that extend out 20 yards without a bite….. although we did see two very large bass up in 1ft of water, but we could not trigger them to bite. I thought I’d try up-lake so we went into sister Cove and fished the boulder rocks on the left side in 1-3 feet of water with an orange SSR Shad rap #7 and my client continued with the square bill in shad pattern. I went down the entire left side without a bite. Next we move to the back of Stewarts Creek boat ramp and caught one short bass near the boat ramp on a Strike King bitsy bug jig( blue and brown with a Paca chuck trailer in blue). That’s the only fish we caught back in Stewarts Creek. My last spot was behind Fate Sanders Marina. We started on the right side halfway up the bank flipping jigs and casting the squarebill into less than 1 foot of water. My client quickly caught a nice 3.5lb bass on a square bill right off the bank! We fished the entire back cove and once we reach the left side I caught another keeper on my rattle trap out in the middle of the cove. That wrapped up our day and we headed in for lunch.

    All and all okay day. We made a TON of cast for 12 fish, but is was better than some of the other days we have had recently.

    Brian replied 7 years, 3 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • volfan

    November 9, 2016 at 4:51 am

    Sounds like y’all had a good day. I thought I knew Priest well, but where is Sister cove?

  • Brian

    November 9, 2016 at 6:39 am

    Cove to the right of Fate Sanders.

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