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  • November 4

    Posted by Brian on November 4, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    Yesterday I bass fished from 12pm-5pm. The low temps and the clear blue sky after the front forced me think the shallow buzzbait bite from the day before was not going to be a productive pattern. I launched the boat and immediately took at few cast at the long rocky point next to the boat ramp. Boom……14″ spotted bass on a shad rap #5, shad color.

    Then my clients jumped in the boat and we headed out of the marina. As soon as we got to the No Wake buoys, I noticed bait everywhere on the left bank, almost all the way to the bridge. There were bass feeding on the shad here and there. We fished with rattle traps and shad raps in 2ft-8ft for 30 min with no takers, so we decided to pass on that school.

    Next we headed behind the Smyrna pump house. The water has dropped 8″ since the other day’s success back there! We caught 4 decent ones, but no keepers. Our fish came on
    SSR5 and SSR7(super shallow runing) shad raps in shad color and a small profile spinner bait with a single Colorado blade/yellow body. The water is now TOO shallow back there until spring.

    From there, we moved over to Fall Creek and fished the points of the cove on the right(at the mouth) and the rocks near the boat ramp, one short taker on a shad rap #5 shad color.

    Our next spot was back down lake in Lamar Hill cove near Weakley Lane bridge. We cruised through the back looking for bait, but did not see any so we idled out. We noticed shad flickering the surface on the right bank as were idling out. We headed over there and started casting rattle traps(crome/black 1/4oz) and shad raps. One nice keeper took a shad rap quickly and then another largemouth on a rattle trap. After 30 minute of casting after those two fish we packed it up and headed behind Fate Sanders Marina. There is bait everywhere behind the marina and the other day we caught several good size bass feeding at the end of the day. This time we were not as lucky. We fished for 45min and caught 2 on shad raps. I have been very confident back there, but I did not feel like we were going be productive like I wanted so we left with 1 hour of daylight left.

    We headed back to Stewarts Creeks at the boat ramp in the back. Caught a nice white bass first cast on a shad rap and a short bass 5 minutes later. After 10 minutes I had a gut feeling that I had to run with. We headed over to Sister Cove(cove next to Fate Sanders down lake). I put the trolling motor down in the back left corner and we started casting shad raps again. First 10 minutes we caught 2 decent bass. As we continued down the bank towards the right(also where the north wind had been blowing into all day), we noticed fish feeding EVERYWHERE! We hurried up over there and started casting our SR. The next 45 minutes we tore them up! We caught largemouth, smallmouth, white bass and hybrids in 1ft-4ft of water. Some we caught retrieving slowing and some on a stop-and-go retrieve. After the sun fell and it was dark, we had to leave while the fish were still feeding. What a way to end a trip!

    I will be back out Wednesday, I better believe I will be back in Sister Cove casting shap raps. If that does not work, I will slow down with shaky head or small jigs. I know there are a lot of fish in there right now.


    simplecircuit replied 10 years, 6 months ago 6 Members · 11 Replies
  • 11 Replies
  • degaman

    November 4, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    Caught a few just past the Mona boat ramp. Shad were thick from top to bottom. Am thinking I might need to learn how to fish a spoon. There were rockfish feeding with largemouth.

  • frisky97

    November 5, 2013 at 2:33 am

    Great reportt Brian. We too went out Sunday morning and had about the same luck, slow and bass hard to find. About 10:00Am after running several spots w/little luck we decided to check out Fall creek and as you noted the water was down. We tried a couple of the points goinging in on the right side and then went over to the first cove on the left and the water was really down. Stumps and rocks around the bank were a good foot, foot and1/2 out of the water. I have a Tracker 165, so we decided to rase the main motor and place the trolling motor about 5-6″ below the water. We had to dodge rocks and stumps until we got about 25 yards from the bank where all the rocks and stumps were sticking out of the water. We stayed in about 1-1/2′ with the boat and let the wind drift us down in front of the stumps and rocks using the paddle to help keep us off the submerged rocks. Using a Berkly Balsa sq. bill and letting it bounce off and around the stumps and rocks sticking out of the water we caught five nice keeper bass on our first pass all about the same size 12 1/2″ 13″. At the point just before you round the corner for the boat ramp we decided to motor up and try the drift again. This time we caught 3 one at the 3lb. mark.

    Seeing that cove with the water down it’s obvious why it is such a hot spot in the spring. Fish heaven.

  • Brian

    November 5, 2013 at 3:44 am

    Nice catch Frisky! I love that bank. I fished it a couple weeks ago with no luck, but when the water starts dropping like it is and the water temp is in the 60’s and 50’s, they love to get shallow in those big cracks in the rocks! Brian

  • degaman

    November 5, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    Not to be a spoil sport Frisky, but a largemouth has to be 15″ to qualify as a keeper. That said, still not a bad outing.

    Went back to Mona today. Watched my sideview all the way out to the West Fork and saw lots of shad, but couldn’t get anything to bite. Back at the Mona launch ramp I came across another large school of shad being actively fed upon just like yesterday. Threw everything in the tackle box at them with no luck. Put a 4 blade spinner bait on, also no strikes. Replaced the skirt with a fluke, same thing. Finally out of desperation I replaced the fluke with a 4″ white grub. That was the ticket. Caught over 10 bass with several keepers.

  • simplecircuit

    November 6, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    do you ever throw an albama rig for those fish? i’m not a fan of it, but i have one in my boat that my partner throws from time to time.

  • daviddukes

    November 6, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    Went our Tuesday afternoon and hit Sister Cove about 3:45 p.m. It was exactly as Brian described earlier, all the way til dark…a feeding frenzy. Result=I wiffed even thought I tried everything in the box including SR, SSR, Buzz, square bill, Spook, small Jig, and on and on. I am a beginner at bass fishing, so I am sure you experienced guys would have loaded the boat. I was able to pick up a few shorts earlier at other locations.

  • degaman

    November 7, 2013 at 12:42 am

    Simple.. . have fished A-rig. First time I caught a couple nice largemouth. Best luck I had was one day my graph lit up like a Christmas tree and I proceeded to boat numerous rockfish, hybrids and white bass. TWRA chided my son for having one in the boat, but said since he didn’t see him cast it no ticket would be forthcoming. It would probably work at Mona, but I’d rather play it safe.

    Went back to Mona again today. Caught a 3lb, 2oz LM downcreek a bit and had a monster rockfish or hybrid get loose after taking loads of drag.

    Later back at the launch ramp I finally located the shad. They were hiding under the overabundant leaves floating on the water. After the sky clouded over they spread into open water and fish began feeding. I only caught a couple with my spinner bait/grub combo. Am thinking sometimes there can be too much bait.

  • simplecircuit

    November 7, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    My understanding is that the A-rig is legal in TN as long as you are only using three hooks. I have mine rigged with smaller swimbaits on center pins on the top 2 arms, then a bigger swimbait in the middle and 2 medium ones on the bottom. With those three being on the hooks. There was a page about “umbrella and spreader rigs” in this year’s fishing regulations. As for TWRA chiding… The only time I get pulled over by them is in the dead of winter and I’m chided for being out in the miserable weather with no fish to our credit. 😥

  • Dakota

    November 7, 2013 at 11:15 pm

    Great reports fellas I hope to have one very soon.

  • frisky97

    November 8, 2013 at 1:45 am

    Simple: The only place I’ve tried the rig was at Normandy early this spring. I ran in to one of the TWRA agents just as I was launching my boat and ask him to take a look at my setup which had 3 fluck like swim baits and 2 willow blades (no hooks). He said that was the correct rig in Tennessee. We tried it for a short while on a 8′ flat down next to the dam and caught 3 small mouth, only 1 keeper. I have one Tennessee rig that only has 3 arms but I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve seen a couple of people throwing them on priest off points and rocky banks, but don’t know if they were catching anything. Let us know if you try yours and have any luck.

  • simplecircuit

    November 8, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    If those people were downlake in a red basscat, it was probably me and my partner.
    I have one rod rigged for it and he finds some enjoyment in throwing it all day. So, I’ll typically do something else in the front of the boat and he’ll sling that beast all day. He did have a couple of good days on it in the mid-section of Hamilton Creek early this spring right before the fish moved up shallow. They were on secondary points and at the drops of one of the larger flats on the left side of the creek looking towards the back. I also caught a 4.5lb largemouth in the middle of Old Hickory cove back past the closed down ramp on it early in the summer. I was out by myself and saw a ton of bait working the surface. For whatever reason, I felt that might catch something in that situation and it did. I like the way they hit it, but don’t like throwing it for long. So, it’s always rigged up in the back of the boat, but only used if my partner is with me. As for the TN-Rig… I have a couple of them that I have thrown on the Cumberland. They catch fish too, but not like the full rig.

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