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  • Posted by Brian on October 2, 2014 at 2:54 am

    Today I was on the lake for 8 hours on a guide trip. The main focus for us was to familiarize him with the lake and teach some seasonal bass techniques. With the hot temperatures this week the water temperature has climbed into the upper 70’s so I knew we would be fishing deep even though I wanted to show him some shallow areas in the creeks.

    Our first spot was the rock hump just across the channel from Fate Sanders(details on this spot are on my last report). I set the boat down in 14ft and we started casting into 10ft with our Alabama Rig. Within the first 10 minutes…..BOOM, my client had a 2lb largemouth. 10 minutes later….POW, I caught a 2lb! We caught a few smaller fish the next 30 minutes and then decided to move.

    We headed over to the Weakley Lane bridge, fished the same lures and caught one short fish. We would let the A-rig sink 5-10 seconds and then retrieve slowly.

    I moved over to Lamar Hill where there was tons of bait flipping. I scanned around for several minutes without seeing many large fish, so we kept moving.

    I cruised to the mouth of the Smyrna pump house cut through on the Fate Sanders Side and started casting to the left point. There was bait everywhere with a few larger fish surfacing. We were sitting in 9ft and casting our rattle traps(Red Eye shad 1/2oz) into 4ft. The first few cast we caught one fish burning the lure to the boat. We fished the bank a few yards each way and packed it up.

    I wanted to show my client the backs of the creeks so I took him to the back of Spring Creek and talked about the channel bends, rocks and how the bass position during the fall, winter and spring months. Once we reached the 840 bridge we picked up a 1/4oz Hoppys Jig(green pumpkin) and a Baby Brush Hog(green pumpkin and candy) on a 1/4oz shaky head. We started casting into the shade underneath the bridge we started getting bites. We did not land any, but there where fish there. We fished down the bluff wall on the right pitching our lures into the shade. Once we reached the end of the bluff I had one swim off with my jig and I set the hook…3lb! We fished a little longer without another bite and left. The water is warmer then I like in the backs of the creeks right now. You can catch some fish, but it is nothing like it will be when the water temperature is in the 60’s and 50’s!

    Next I drove over to Fall Creek and showed him what it has to offer before heading to the Jefferson Pike bridge. There was a boat on the left pillar when we arrived. He was having success casting to schooling bass on the concrete and jig spoons for hybrids and stripers in 20ft. We tried around the other bridge pillar with no luck….after 30 minutes I pulled the trolling motor up.

    We headed back up lake and stopped at the hump we started the morning at. The last few days the afternoon bite has been best there. We grabbed our A-rigs and started casting. The first 5 minutes….SLAM, 1.5lbs! The next 45 minutes we caught a yellow bass and another short fish and decided it just wasn’t going to happen. We also tried swing head jigs and shaky heads without bites before we left too.

    The next 2 hours we crappie fished around Pooles Knob Campground(in and around the mouth of the cove where the campground is). We caught a few crappie, but not many…they were really biting slow for us with minnows and Crappie Magnets. We fished a few trees around the Youth Inc…..nada!

    We switched back to bass and tried our popular hump again and the long point at the mouth of Stewarts Creek on the left near the main channel. Both areas had bigger shad skipping in the surface with bass chasing them at times, but we could not get close enough to them to turn on our baits.

    Fair day for fishing. The bass were less active today than they have the last few weeks. Hoping this cooler weather coming will turn things up!

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