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  • Posted by Brian on October 12, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    Yesterday I had a phenomenal day on the lake. I started out crappie fishing and caught 35 keepers from 6:30am to 12:30pm! My main client and friend Jerry the “Hagman” and I started on the flat across from Hong Kong Island. The water temperature was 70 degrees. Fishing brushpiles and stake beds in 10 to 12 feet we hit four spots and had 22 keepers the first two hours. All of our crappie came on live minnows fish 2 to 3 feet off the bottom. Next we moved over to the cove across from Bryant Grove Cove and sat on top of another stake bed in 10 to 12 feet catching 7 more keepers. We tried a few other spots in the wind, but as it was increasing we had to retreat to cover. We tried around the Youth Camp area fishing in 10 to 12 feet and under the Weakley lane bridge on the right pillar where there’s a big tree in 18ft. We caught several more keepers and headed in with a cooler full of crappie.

    After lunch I went back out with a friend to try our luck bass fishing. We started under Hobson Pike bridge in the cove on the left all the way in the back. This is where I caught 10 to 12 the other day on rattle traps. Today we started right where we left off casting 1/2oz Strike King rattle traps in shad and craw colored. I caught one on my shad “natural shad” rattle trap and my friend picked up a red/white Heddon spook and caught another. The entire time the boat was in 3ft-6ft while we cast to the points and grass in 1ft-3ft. We only had 2 bites back here and then packed it up and cruise to the first cove on the right after going under Hobson Pike Bridge. Fishing the entire back of the cove we never had a bite. Next we moved up into Suggs Creek and tried the island way out in front of the Seven Points boat ramp. Fishing around the island and 6 to 20 feet we tried our rattle traps and chatterbaits in a bluegill pattern. Casting to the boulder rocks that surround the island we never had a bite. I moved a quarter mile towards the mouth of the cove and parked the boat on a rocky point on the left bank. While sitting in 8-12ft we cast 1/4oz shaky heads with a green pumpkin Zoom trick worm. We caught 2 fish off the rocks in 6ft, including one smallmouth. Water temperature was 73 degrees. Next we moved to the back of Hamilton Creek where there is a culvert, rock pile, and grass. Casting a 1/2oz black Hoppy’s buzzbait and Heddon white/red spook we caught one in between the rock piles close to 3lbs and moments later I caught a 2.5lb largemouth on my buzzbait. Those were the only two bites we had back there. Next we moved it to Lamar Hill way up lake and fished the left side where the wind into. Fishing with rattle traps and spooks we never had a bite. I motored to the Weakley Lane bridge and fished the hump on the left directly after. This hump is in 9ft-11ft. There were a few small schools busting on shad so we tried topwater lures. We could not trigger a strike so I picked up my Strike King 6xd in blue/chartreuse and started going down the bank connected to the the hump. Sitting in 12ft and casting up into 2-4ft I caught 3 bass in 100 yards….. one being a 3lb. It started getting dark so we headed in for the day. All and all, okay trip. Still waiting for the shallow bite to fire up, but it appears they are starting to head that way.

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