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  • Posted by Brian on October 14, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    Yesterday I hit the lake with an old client and good friend. The shallow bite has been picking up now that the cooler weather is setting in and the water is dropping a couple inches a day! The water temperature was 69-71 in Fall Creek, Spring Creek, and around Fate Sanders. We focused on 1ft-6ft around areas there would be current with boulder rocks. This is where we hoped to find bass ready to feed.

    Our first spot was around the islands on the left side of the channel just passed Lamar Hill Cove(Lamar is just passed Weakley Lane bridge on the left). These islands have shallow boulders and wood around the island that offer great cover. Also, while the lake is lowering to winter pool there is current that pass through these islands….a perfect set up for fall bass. On this day we tied on white and a black 3/8oz Hoppy’s Hawg Buzz buzzbaits. Casting around the islands into 1ft of water and retrieving slowly we only caught 2 short bass. I will continue to check this area out throughout the fall.

    We motor passed Spring Creek and into Fall Creek. Once we entered the mouth of Fall Creek we pulled up to the left bank and started casting our buzzbait to the bank around the big rocks. We fished for 100 yards and caught 2 more short bass, but never got any big bites. Once we reached the first(any only) PVC pole on the left I picked up a H20 squarebill crankbait in shad pattern. I started taking long cast out deeper into 4ft-5ft around the PVC pole. On my 3rd cast…..BOOM! I fought a 3+lb to the boat and swung him in! This healthy bass had a shad in his throat, telling me there may be more feeding in the area. Well, that is what was happening! The next 30 minutes we fished around the PVC pole catching around 12 more……including a double with my client. He caught a 3.5lb at the same time I caught another 3lb! The action was phenomenal and I was able to film it all on the GoPro for Elite video 6. After the fish slowed down we continued to fish down the bank, catching a few more short bass. I motored across the channel to the pocket and we fished both rocky points. On the left point I kept the boat in 10ft while we cast to 2ft with our crankbaits. We caught one short fish there and zero on the right point. I packed it up and headed into Spring Creek.

    Once in Spring Creek we motored to where it splits and into the right branch. I scanned a few little schools of bait, stopped and cast our crankbaits and rattle traps for 15 minutes and then headed out. There was not much action going on.

    Cruising back further into Spring Creek we fished a few of the points with our crankbaits, shaky heads, and swing head jigs with Bite Bite Bait blk/blu 3″ craws…..nada.

    I motored back up lake into Sister Cove, stopping on the right point. The wind was ripping out of the north right onto the point. We picked up our squarebill crankbaits and started casting to the point. At first we were casting into 1ft-2ft, but after getting hung what seemed like every cast I started casting out from the bank into 4ft-5ft(just like I did in Fall Creek). On my first cast I hooked into a nice fish! Seconds later a nice smallmouth flew out of the water! I fought and swung in a 2.5lb smallie. As frustrating as it was we did not get another bite on that point. We trolled over to the back left corner and starting casting into 3ft while sitting in 6ft. We fished the entire bank head back out and never had a bite there either.

    We cruised over to Stewart’s Creek and stopped on the point at Ski Cove. Sitting in 8ft-10ft and casting to the cypress tree in 2ft, we had zero bites while dragging our shaky heads and crawfish over the boulder rocks in 5ft. This was a hard spot to fish with the wind ripping at near 20mph.

    Heading further back into Stewart’s Creek and we stopped just before the back boat ramp. Casting our squarebill crankbaits again we caught 2 more short bass near the ramp. There were tons of bait everywhere in the back of the creek and several small bass feeding on them. I tied on a Strike King chrome sexy shad rattle trap for a few minutes, but never could get a bite.

    Our last spot was at Weakly Lane bridge. I have not fished the bridge in a while, but thought maybe we could get into some fun before we had to go in. While I was tying on a fluke for my client a dozen bass started schooling near the boat in the shade. He and I started casting….casting…..and casting. The bass came up two more times while we tried spooks and a-rigs, never getting a bite. There were a couple that ate the white fluke, but never were hooked well enough to get in the boat.

    All and all, awesome action in the morning on the crankbaits, but after that it was slow. The clear blue skies and 20mph north winds after a front seemed to toughen the bite. However, once the weather stabilizes and the temperature falls into the mid and lower 60’s it will be ON! To watch some of this action or many of the other Elite Videos sign up for my Elite Videos here Remember, you can get a discounted price at $169.99 for a year membership OR $16.99 month-to-month NO CONTRACT. This allows you to check the videos out and see if you like them without committing to a higher price. If you do choose to do the annual membership you ALSO get $50 OFF a fishing trip and 10 new crappie brushpiles.


    gmedlin replied 8 years, 4 months ago 3 Members · 3 Replies
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  • 5star

    October 15, 2015 at 12:14 am

    Very nice trip… I’m jealous lol… 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • philip-nichols

    October 15, 2015 at 1:03 am

    I fished in Stewart’s creek the passed 2 mornings all the way to the army ramp in the back same thing bait being busted everywhere but I couldn’t get a bite. I fished the back of fate sanders yesterday with no luck. This morning after Stewart’s creek I headed back into easy fork and caught a few short fish and 1 that measured maybe 2 pounds on a buzz bait on the rip rap point across from east fork ramp. The back near the 840 bridge was so thick I probably could have walked across the river on them. Hopefully next week will be better for me. I did also fish the point in Stewart’s creek by ski cove early yesterday before the wind got to bad and didn’t have a single bump.

  • gmedlin

    October 15, 2015 at 9:24 am

    I fished the same areas (Stewarts Creek, Behind Fate Sanders, and Sister’s Cove) pretty hard yesterday. Saw you several times with your clients (I was in the white center console Mako). Caught several keeper large mouth, a couple of keeper crappie and quite a few short bass. Regardless of what I catch, it is always good to be out on the lake! Nickajack and Tim’s Ford on the agenda for next week. Go Fish!

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