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  • Posted by Brian on October 25, 2018 at 3:22 am

    Today I fished, or tried to fish, from 8 to 2 p.m. Finally I was able to get out on the lake with one of my guides for a fun day fishing. He had to break in his motor so we drove around for a couple hours as well. The water temperature was 58 degrees with 1.5ft visibility. We made a long ride up into the West Fork passed the West Fork boat ramp three bands in the channel. We started flipping Hoppy’s Rattling green pumpkin jigs to the rock bluff on the right while sitting in 12ft. We also cast Alabama Rigs and spooks to the isolated wood in 5 to 7ft on the left bank. After 100 hundred yards without a bite we pulled up the trolling motor.

    Next we moved down to the blown out bridge near the mouth of the West Fork. We noticed schools of bait being fed on every few minutes. We stopped, put the trolling motor down and started casting. With the boat in 18 feet of water we cast our Alabama Rigs and spooks to the bait. I was getting bites on my Alabama Rig, but could not hook up with the fish. I believe they were white bass or yellow bass. We fished the remaining left side of the bank flipping jigs to the rock without any action and then moved to the right side of the channel where the long point comes out. We tried crankbaits and jigs without any action.

    We moved into Fall Creek and once we enter the mouth right after the Spring Creek intersection we fished the left bank where the shallow rocks are with two white PVC poles. Casting squarebill crankbaits in chartreuse and purple, crawfish SSR7 shad raps, and spooks we had 0 bites down the entire stretch over 45 minutes.

    Next we tried the flat on the right just past Spring Creek. There were bait flickering here and there with a bust from bass every 15 minutes, but not enough to keep us there and we could not get any to look at our baits. We stayed in 3ft and cast into 1-2 feet.

    Next we moved up to the cut through/islands on the right before Lamar Hill. There were bass feeding in 1ft in the cut through. We tried half ounce shad rattle traps, and top water without any action.

    We moved down lake into the cove on the left just passed Hobson Pike Bridge. We went all the way to the back, where the wind was blowing up against the bank. We fished the entire back without any action. On the way out Eric caught our only fish on his crankbait in 2ft……14.” We fished down the entire right bank without any more bites and I went in with a big goose egg for the day. This was the first day with a north wind….. I guess it shut them down for us. Hopefully the next couple days the clouds and rain will help the bite. I’ll be at Guntersville fishing the Spro tournament. Hopefully we’ll find the big ones!

    tupelo-ty replied 5 years, 7 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • tupelo-ty

    October 25, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    I went last week and had the worst day I have ever had on PP! Caught one fish and maybe had two bites! Do you think the bite will turn on at some point? I also noticed where I put in, (Cook’s) lots of hydrilla? Never seen that before in PP. I thought the bass would be everywhere in it. Not a bite!

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