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  • Posted by Brian on October 26, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    Saturday I fished the morning tournament out of Fate Sanders marina. With the water falling, clouds, and rain, I hoped the fish were going to be feeding heavily in 1ft-3ft! We manage to catch around 15 bass, including 7 keepers with our best 5 for 12.41lbs. I filmed almost the entire day on the GoPro and will be working on editing it down for Elite Video 6 coming Nov 1st! To watch this day and more click here

    Last week we had a great morning catching three 3lb-3.5lb in 20 minutes just inside Fall Creek around the left PVC pole. My thoughts were to start there and then work the area close by. As we pulled up to the PVC pole I realized there was no one else following me into Fall Creek. I decided to go further back into the creek pass the boat ramp to fish the stumps on the flats. Once we arrived to the back I picked up my Heddon Jr Spook(red/white) and started casting to the stumps under the water(out of sight) while my partner Trey Neal made cast to the rocks on the other side of the creek channel. After 20 minutes and 10 stumps without a bite we strapped down the rods and motored back to the PVC pole at the mouth of the creek. We picked up our Strike King 1.5 and H2O shad pattern squarebill crankbaits and started casting from 5ft into 2ft around the boulder rocks and stumps. The water temperature was 67 degrees, 1ft water clarity, with overcast skies. The fist 30 minutes we caught 5-6 bass, but all were small. Another 20 minutes without a bite I thought “here we go again….its gonna be tough.” We idled across the channel to the mud flat and started casting a 3/8oz black and a white Hoppy’s Hawg Buzz buzzbait. As we reached the end of the mud flat(fishing further into the creek) we started casting to the boulder rocks on the right point of the little pocket. At the tip of the point I hooked into our first keeper with my black Hawg Buzz in 1ft of water next to a boulder….1.5lbs. We fished the entire cove and adjacent point without another bite. With thoughts of leaving Fall Creek we decided to cross the channel again to the long point of boulders that come out from the point that leads to Fall Creek boat ramp. Casting our buzzbaits into 1ft around the boulders while sitting in 3ft-8ft Trey had one bite out of .5ft-1ft……3lb! We fished down the entire bank to the boat ramp without another bite and decided to make a move.

    We motored out of Fall Creek, passed Spring Creek going down lake and stopped at the bluff wall on the right just before you turn left. We fished the bluff wall/flat transition with squarebill crankbaits and buzzbaits. We started in 15ft while casting into 2ft. After 30 yards we were now sitting in 5ft and casting into 1ft. Continuing into the shallow pocket we stayed in 2ft casting into 6″. After 100 yards we had 2 blow-ups that did not connect.

    Our plans were to head up into the river/east/west fork and start flipping jigs for big fish, but we never made it that far. I stopped at the Smyrna pumphouse and we started flipping 3/8oz Texas Rig orange/brown Big Bite Bait crawfish and casting spooks. Within the first 5 minutes we witnessed bass breaking the surface chasing shad around the rip-rap rocks and in the entire cove behind us leading to the Smyrna pumphouse cut through. We abandoned the rocks, picked up a buzzbait, an A-rig, and started casting towards the activity. We made tons of cast without a bite until we reached the mouth of the cut through. Trey hooked into a 1.75lb with his A-rig…..keeper #3. I tried my A-rig for a few cast until it broke off(luckily I got it back though). We caught a few more smaller bass on a #5 shad rap(shad color) and squarebills at the mouth and on the right point of the cut through. I started fishing down the bank towards the bluff wall 100 yards away. 15 yards down the bank around a boulder and stump I had a good blow up that missed it. Next cast he missed it again! Moments later the bass struck Trey’s A-rig and missed it too! We took tons of cast to the same area without ever catching him. I continued down the bank and caught a nice 2.5lb in 1ft around some rocks with my black buzzbait……keeper #4. The next 5 minutes I had 2 more bites on my buzzbait that never connected. We felt we were in a good area with great potential. We reached the end of the bank and saw a few bass feeding on the point where the bluff wall started. After taking a cast directly on the point in 1ft and retrieving slowly I hooked into a 2lb…..keeper number #5! We fished that point for 30 minutes catching a few more smaller fish and then decided to make a move.

    We decided to try deep to get a bigger bite and cull out some of our smaller keepers. I motored down lake and stopped to scan the ledge and hump just passed Weakley Lane bridge on the left……no fish there.

    Next, I scanned the main lake point at the mouth of Stewart’s Creek and found a few bass sitting way out on the end of the point in 10ft. I tossed a marker buoy out and we picked up an a-rig and a Texas rig craw. While sitting in 10ft-20ft on the ledge and casting into 8ft-12ft I caught one short bass on my a-rig.

    We moved to the hump in between the two red buoys out from Fate Sanders and marked a few bass in 9ft on the down-lake side. After 15 minutes I caught another short fish on the a-rig. After 10 minute without another bite we packed it up.

    I trolled over to the closest bank and we started casting our buzzbaits to the boulder rocks and isolated stumps in 1ft-2ft. This is the bank that the big white gas pipe sign is on straight across from Fate Sanders Marina. We started 200 yards before the sign and caught our first 3lb in 1ft of water next to a stump! We culled are smallest fish and continued down the bank. Right in front of the big white sign I caught another 2.75lb on my black Hoppy’s buzzbait at the end of a log!!! We culled out another fish! We fished the entire cove with two more fish that did not help us and then we had to head in.

    After a fun day of fishing we finished in 3rd place! With the water in the upper 60’s the fish are now concentrating in shallow water getting ready to feed for the winter. As the temperature continues to fall we will see more action in the 1ft-3ft depths. Try fishing any boulder rocks that the fish can sit in and around. On this day it appeared the boulder rocks around any wood and near the main channel were productive. Also, as the water temperatures the fish will move into the backs of the creeks too!

    To watch some of this awesome topwater action and to see exactly where and how we caught our fish(and many more) sign up for my Elite Videos here YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

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  • krogers79

    October 26, 2015 at 5:48 pm

    I thought the fish would be on fire on Saturday morning, but we had to work like a dog to get bit by quality fish. We started in Spring Creek around the little island and my partner hooked into a solid 3.5 pound largemouth on a spook. He came unbuttoned about 1/2 way to the boat. We fished around the front of the island and started down the bank toward the channel. I threw a spook as far as I possibly could over some boulders. I worked it about 3/4 of the way back to the boat and went to reel it in when a bass exploded on it, but missed. I twitched it one more time and he came unglued on it. First keeper in the boat. We continued down the bank and made the turn down the bluff wall going further back into the creek. My partner was throwing a chart/black squarebill and I was throwing a TN shad squarebill. On that bank he managed to catch a solid 3 pounder. We rounded the next point and he threw almost onto the bank with this crankbait and started working it through the rocks. Keeper #3 choked it and it was another 3+ pounder. With 3 fish in the livewell by 8:45 we thought we were onto the pattern…boy were we wrong. We went for over 3 hrs without another keeper. We fished spots exactly like the first spot and nothing. We got in the back of Lamar Hill and there were fish busting everywhere but they were all small and non-aggressive. Keeper #4 came from smallmouth cove on the right bank (big boulders) on a chrome trap. That ended the day…we couldn’t manage to put #5 in the boat. We had him hooked and it would have given us about 14 pounds…but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. We finished with almost 11 pounds and just out of the money.

    More than one time I made the comment that I should tie on a buzzbait, but I never did.

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