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  • Posted by Brian on October 30, 2018 at 12:07 am

    After a long weekend with only a few bites on Guntersville where I fished the Spro tournament Saturday, it was nice to get back on Percy Priest. Guntersville was so tough only 67 boats caught a fish out of 307. We caught one fish and got 51st and won a hundred bucks. The day before we had 13 pounds which would have put us in 3rd place….. but that was the day before.

    Today I went out in hunt for some quality bass on the upper end of the lake. When I started the water temperature was 58 degrees and 1ft and 3″ below summer pool. They are now draining the lake to winter pool. I wanted to focus in one area and not move throughout the lake every 30 minutes so I’m headed to Spring Creek.

    I started at the mouth just passed the islands. I had a variety of baits tied on; a sexy shad pattern Pointer jerkbait, SSR 7 shad pattern shad rap, chartreuse/purple Norman Squarebill crankbait, black/blue jig with green purple flake trailer, and a Heddon Spook Jr in red and white. I fished all the channel bends until you get to the finger coves in the back. I keep the boat in 4-12 feet of water focusing on the boulder rocks. At the first point near the mouth I lost one bass on my shad rap out of three feet of water and then followed up with a short fish. 50 yards down the bank flipping my black and blue 1/2oz jig I had a quality bite next to a boulder and set the hook! I fought and landed a 4 pound largemouth! Fishing down the next two bends switching between my jig, jerkbait, and shad rap I had no action. There were small bass schooling on the ends of the bends, but they did not want to eat. On the last bluff wall I had a quality bite on my squarebill crankbait that did not hook up.

    Next I motor up to Lamar Hill and fished the boulder rocks on the right of the Lamar Hill boat ramp. I cast my spook and shad rap to a few bass feeding on the surface, but could not get them to react. I keep the boat in 3-5ft and cast in 1ft-3ft.

    I motor down lake further and fished behind the second cut through island on the right. Fishing the stretch of boulder rocks in 1 – 5 feet of water with a Norman chartreuse/purple squarebill crankbait I caught another keeper around 3lbs! That fish came out of a foot of water! For the remainder of that bank I did not have any more bites.

    My last spot was in Sister Cove. Focusing on the left bank where the boulder rocks come out 50 yards there were bait schools everywhere with bass feeding periodically. I kept the boat on 3-5ft casting into 1-3ft. I caught one short fish on a shad rap and missed another on a Alabama Rig. Some of the fish surfacing were quality 2-3 pounders. My time was up and I had to head in.

    All in all it was a fun day catching a couple nice bass. Wednesday and Thursday the fishing should be great with the clouds and rain!

    willjernigan replied 5 years, 7 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • willjernigan

    October 30, 2018 at 12:25 am

    I feel your pain Brian. I fished the Spro and went down on Wednesday. I didn’t bring a fish in the boat the 3 days of practice and the tournament. I did get one bite on tournament day in first glass harbor by the dam. I was fishing some lay downs at the mouth and a 5 pounder came and took my white popping frog. Being completely surprised that I even got a bite after days without one I jerked it away from her and that was that. Always a fun event and I’ll definitely be back next year!

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