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  • Posted by Brian on October 5, 2014 at 4:23 am

    Today I fished with BCGS guide Kevin Patin. It was a cold morning followed by a cool WINDY afternoon.

    We started on the hump that has produced many keepers the last week just across the channel from Fate Sanders and 100 yards to the left of the red channel buoy in 13ft. I fished with my A-rig and Kevin tried Hoppy’s Stroker jig, 3/4oz in brown/black. In one hour Kevin had two strikes on is jig and I did not get a sniff! I was not sure what the cold temperature and wind would do to the fish there, but I guess I figured it out.

    Next we motored into Spring Creek and went to the back where it was a little calmer. I also caught a 3lb back there the other day after fishing just one back. We started at the left finger coves around the long round flat in the back. We both had on Hoppy’s Jigs except I had a black and blue on with Paca Craw trailer. We fished the rock banks all the way past the 840 bridge with 4 bites, three landed 1-2lbs. All of them came from the right bank just before the bridge. We were tight to the bank, fishing in 1-3ft. We had several other bites, but the fish were shorty striking it and not eat it well.

    We moved into Fall Creek and fishing the big bluff wall in the right half way back into the creek. There we caught 2 short bass on our jigs. The wind was so rough we had to move.

    With the wind howling from the NW, we stopped on the flat between Spring and Fall Creek just to see if any bait was blown into the shallow water there. I picked up my shad 1/2oz Lucky Craft and Kevin had on a Red Eye TN shad. The first 5 minutes I caught a short fish burning my trap to the boat. We fished around the entire cove, watching a few bass blow up here and there. As we reach the left point Kevin caught a nice white bass….this made us think that what we were seeing might have been white bass.

    We fired up the motor and started headed down lake. Once we passed Spring Creek we stopped on the bluff directly in front of us. We fished the transition from 12ft-2ft and caught 2 decent bass on our jigs in 2ft off the wood we could see.

    Next we moved behind the Smyrna pumphouse and started casting to tons of bait on the surface. The bait and bass have been back there, but I have not been able to get them to bite. Today was no different. I made 100 cast with my rattle trap without a bite. It wasn’t until Kevin picked his jig back up before he had 2 bite that ate the craws off his trailer before we got a bite. 20 minutes later I set the on one off a rock in 2ft and got to see just the side of a good fish before it got off! We caught 2 more little ones fishing the visible wood and then we called it a day.

    Not a bad day, but it was tough! The water was around 70. After this week it should get into the mid 60’s that will help the fishing out!

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