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    Posted by Deleted User on June 8, 2018 at 11:48 am

    If one watches and listens to the pros of Bass fishing and follow them, you hear about bass moving to their deeper summer places and schools. Videos of them catching multiple fish off shore off ledges etc exist…Question: I would like to get a thread of information and direction as I have followed this site for a couple of years now…(1) has anyone seen this type of success on priest (2) are you willing to share some stories and info about the general things you are doing to be successful at it? Thanks

    jake replied 5 years, 8 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
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  • jard

    June 12, 2018 at 2:29 am

    I’ll take a stab. I fish KY lake a ton and its a river system current lake. Bass go deep on ledges and line up with current in big schools. I found a school last week and caught 21 fish in 1.5 hours. They are much more active in current and move around the ledges and get lethargic when water is slack. The humps or ledges I fish are about 15-18 ft on top and 22 on bottom. The ledges can be a mile long and the bass with prefer 1 stretch of 100 yards on it.

    I have not experienced this on priest. its much smaller and more steep rocky drops. 10 on top and 50 on bottom and the bass like to position directly on the drop edge or on an adjacent flat. I scan right along the drops and the rocks. Ive never really ran into a big school or bass on priest that fired up. I can catch 3 or 4 in s spot but itll take a bit. I’m sure others have. Priest I tend to have to spot fish. there really isnt long stretches to scan. Just check this spot and another spot.

  • jake

    June 12, 2018 at 5:10 am

    I’m probably less experienced when compared to jard, but I’ve pulled up to drop-offs & caught say 4 fish in 8 or 10 casts. However, I just really got back into bass fishing about 2 years ago. I’ve talked with some buddies of mine that are excellent fisherman. One in particular says you can catch bass schooling on Priest, it’s just less common than a lake like KY Lake & you’re not going to find schools of bass that number 100+.

    He did tell me that the best time to catch schooling bass on Priest is now. His theory The theory is they just moved to their summer humps & ledges and haven’t been beaten to death by anglers yet. With Priest being a lot smaller than a KY Lake or similar & being a highly pressured lake the bass will become a lot more difficult to catch after a month or so of moving offshore. I know at least one guy that in the past 3 weeks to a month that’s pulled up on a ledge & caught 30 to 40 bass in an hour or so. Unfortunately this has not happened to me, yet.

    They also tell me that you most likely aren’t going to have this happen in the early morning, if it happens it’s going to be later in the day & probably in the afternoon. Baits of choice would be a Swimbait or a crankbait like a 6xd. They talk about keeping you’re boat at a precise place & working you’re casts all in a particular direction across a given hump or ledge. So pay attention when you catch one about where your boat is positioned & the direction you’re casting. That’s about the extent of what I know to help.

    Good luck!

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