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    Posted by Brian on October 20, 2013 at 4:55 am

    Two days ago I spent over 8 hours with a client trying to pattern the bass. What I found was that there are a lot of bass staging near or flats in the creeks that have not decided to to move up into their fall pattern yet. Many of the areas that we fished showed tons of bait and we did end up catching fish in some areas, but it was not cake walk. The water temperature was 71 most of the day.

    We launch our boat at Flipper Bait and Tackle off Rt 109 and headed 2 mile up lake. We started in a cove on the right about a 1/4 mile up from the steam plant. As slowed down and started to approach the mouth I could see activity! First cast, boom, little bass on my buzzbait. The next hour we fished our tails off and only had maybe 2 little ones. There was bait everywhere in there and the wind was pushing them into one side of the cove. Cast after cast my excitement decreased. Our next area was a few pockets and coves on the left side of the channel just above the steam plant. A little bait in there, but no real action.

    We headed down lake a bit into Station Camp Creek. There we started back in the ski boat cove and found some bait and bass feeding in the back. The bass were busting the surface and they were striking our rattle traps(1/4oz chrome/blue). We caught around 4-6 back there in 1ft-4ft of water. Then we followed the channel back near the bridge and boat ramp and started casting our rattle traps again. We discovered the bass were feed on bait on almost every channel bend when it touch a bluff wall on the back. On each end of bluff wall the bass would be chasing bait, we would catch these on rattle traps and crankbaits(Bandit 100, shad color). Then we would pick up our jigs and plastic worms and fish the bluff walls slowly, this is where we caught our larger fish!

    The last spot we fished was the mouth of Flippers Cove. We fished texas-rig plastic brush hogs and jigs on the right side near the weeds and caught a nice 3.5lb largemouth!

    All and all good day, but it will be even better once the fish acclimate to the cooler temperature and into there fall pattern!


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