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    Posted by naymondervin on June 1, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    Hello everyone.. its that summer time of the year again. Where people from all over visit or people who normally won’t come out until the blazing heat is going on. Sadly this brings about a few issues. One of which I have experienced myself—not just at percy priest but different states as well. First I would like to say that I did ask Brian if I could post something like this and he said it was ok. second I do not like thieves. These are people who take stuff for various reasons but the main one is they feel they deserve what ever it is that you have more than you do. they don’t want to work for it, they don’t want to save for it, either way it is a fact. When I was stationed in California I had a boat stolen right out of my garage. I know I have posted this statement before but the cop basically told me it was my fault. Because I apparently didn’t lock everything down, because I didn’t put an alarm on it, and even though it was in my locked garage and the thieves figured out a way to open my power garage door it was all my fault. He even said that trusting people like me are the reason thieves exist anyway. Trust me when I say that not only did I feel like it WAS my fault but I was angry that a cop would say such a thing. To top it off he was a military cop and I lived in military housing. Suppose to trust our own right? Well when I came home and I received my Disabled veteran tags I figured I would be safe. Not at all. I had my tow ball (Nothing else because I didn’t bring my boat along this time) but my tow ball stolen. It made me realize that even though I have locks all over the place to protect my boat and my trailer they were not actually safe. At any time all someone had to do was loosen the nut on the tow ball and move it over to a an empty receiver. When I talked to a cop about it he said “Oh yea people snatch trailers and boats that way” so I went home and researched and found only one lock for that very purpose. There are entire receivers that have locked tow balls but the cost a LOT of money and most are made of aluminum. I posted a link to the lock I use for this.

    Now I have heard many people say that it doesn’t matter what you do if they want it they will get. I do agree with this but if you do not make it easy for them it will slow them down. The BEST security is actually the group of us who go fishing on a regular basis whether its a life style or a job. I have asked myself if someone at the ram saw someone at a truck taking off a tow ball would they have said something to this odd scenario. Two years ago I loaded my boat at stewart creek ramp. I had not put any upgrades on it but when I tied off my boat there was a guy on the pier saying “That’s a real nice boat..” said it a few times.even though it was seemingly a compliment I felt funny about it. So I grabbed my key real quick and said thank you and ran to my truck to park it. (I solo launch a lot) by the time I parked it and got out I saw the same man that complimented me was on my boat and grabbing rods and other gear. Now I do carry a 45 and my first knee jerk reaction was to pull it and start yelling. He dropped my stuff on the pier and jumped in his boat with his buddy and took off real fast. I guess he saw my gun. I got to the pier and put my gear back in my boat. I didn’t notice at first but there was a couple of guys loading their boat and they were right behind me. they just kind of laughed and said “Well that’s why you never turn your back on your boat people just grab stuff”… I could only just say “Well hell thanks for saying something” and their only reply was “Well not my business.” So I asked myself… All the locks and all the security in the world does no good if people just stand by and watch. I mean yea locks can slow them down but if no one says anything while they break out the bolt cutters and hack saws then whats the point.

    When we first signed up for Brian’s website there is a video and some written quotes and one says “You spend thousands of dollars of a boat and equipment” So I quite that again. We spend thousands of dollars of Boats, electronic equipment, fishing gear, rods, reels, lures, and extra modifications. We also spend hundreds more on security but what is the point if people are just going to let someone grab it. i have talked to a few fisherman and they have said “Well would you say anything” Of course I would.. If I noticed something a little shady obviously someone wouldn’t have to disconnect their own trailer by removing the tow ball.. and if I see someone solo launch and while they are parking their vehicle if someone else jumps on their boat and start grabbing stuff that’s shady too. If you look at the news there have been a few instances of a fisherman stopping as a gas station and running in for a second but when they come out someone has snatched electronics or gear. Sadly again all the security can only slow them down but slowing them down is sometimes enough. I have insurance too but I was told that if I do everything I can to secure my boat then making a claim would be easier plus they would give me discounts. But like in California. they replaced my boat… it wasn’t the same at all. it wasn’t the boat that I had bonded with.. it wasn’t the boat that I had modified and upgraded. In fact they didn’t cover the additions and modifications because I didn’t make a list and take pictures. So I had to start over. So yes insurance will replace your boat but what about the day you pull in your boat and your trailer is gone. Or one or both wheels are gone. Talk about inconvenience. You have to call your insurance… find a trailer immediately and wait… Or you load you boat in the water and someone snatches all your gear… what then. Even if you lock it all down people can snatch it but it take a little while longer if they have to go through locks.

    I have to admit there is nothing more annoying than having to carry a box of keys so that I would be able to adjust a screen or move a ram mount. Or to unlock my storage lockers and rod lockers. Believe me I would rather be able to just launch my boat with my gear at the ready and not have to tote my heavy tackle box down to the pier. But according to police that trusting nature just tempts thieves… For those who haven’t done this this is a good set up all around.

    An RJ Tow Ball lock or a receiver with a welded ball on it.
    Hitch receiver lock (preferably a round key or something difficult to pick)
    for those who have a swing away don’t just lock the pin that it comes with.. get a receiver lock that fits flush and keep a spare king pin just in case.
    Get some locks for ram mounts GPS and sonar screens.
    Of course use your rod lockers… believe me i love having mine out and ready and its a pain to pull them out on the water.. but it beats carrying them.. plus most Daiwa, shimano, Abu Garcia and such reels and rods are pretty expensive.
    If you have a lockable tackle locker use it or Just carry it like I do.
    If you can afford it get a boat alarm.

    These ideas are not just for the launch ramps but while you are on trips too. Stopping at gas stations or at a camp site. It’s the summer crowds that increase the likelihood of theft and like I have said as a group we fishermen need to look out for each other. I have actually tested many different locks… ordering them and testing how long it takes to cut through them… a lot of the ones you get at walmart, or lowes, or even auto zone can be taken down easily with a hack saw.. I suggest going to they have the harder to cut locks and you can get them in stainless steel. The tow ball locks are a good investment too*Version*=1&*entries*=0 these are the only ones I have been able to find for standard two balls and receivers. But they are only as good as your receiver.. I use solid receivers and while they are heavy they are not easy to cut at all.

    I know this is all a pain. I hated having to look into this but I didn’t want to have my son out on the boat and come back to my trailer gone or what happened tho the man in smyrna where he launched his boat and while his daughter was on board someone jumped into the boat and started grabbing stuff and when he ran to the boat he was shot in front of his own daughter. Its scary to think such a peaceful sport and lifestyle would come to such things. I seriously doubt anyone on here is a thief.. but we all share the same lake… the same space and same passion.. let look out for each other. You don’t have to be like me and carry… but that’s my choice. Believe me if I see something shady I would say something or call the police myself. Believe me I don’t even look like a fisherman but I don’t think someone needs a hacksaw or wrenches to for their trailer… I can put links on here for some of the locks and security devices I have tested myself if anyone wants me to.. I just want us all to be able to enjoy our time on the lake fishing and having a good time without having to worry if our stuff is being stolen. Tight lines always..


    jboy replied 7 years, 8 months ago 4 Members · 5 Replies
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  • naymondervin

    June 1, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    I will be posting more as I test items and get suggestions. If anyone want’s to chime in please feel free. This is a group effort.. and hopefully we can all protect our own.

  • Brian

    June 2, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Thanks for the great read and valuable information! I want to get some of the products you mentioned. One thing that I want to discuss with John at Fate Sanders is more lights. He took down(hopefully temporarily) the street light near the ramp. Last night when I came in it was completely dark in the parking lot. I was always cautious before, but now even more! I couldn’t see anything was felt I could get jumped at any time. I hope he has some good information for me when I address it with him. I want more lights and cameras…..even if the cameras are fake! Just fake cameras and signs that say your being watched will be a keep thieves away.

  • bigred13

    June 2, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    I moved down here from SE Ohio. Back there I was a traveling fisherman, heading to different lakes mainly because the fishing was terrible. I had several incidents while coming back to the ramp at night; busted window on my SUV and items stolen, tires taken off my trailer, both tail lights busted … it was miserable.
    My solution here on Percy Priest is to rent a boat slip at a marina. Runs $175 a month for a covered slip with power available, no charge for using the power. Think about the advantages for a moment, no self-launching, no lonely walks to get the trailer in the dark, no fear while fishing of what I’ll find when I return to my vehicle and trailer. Also, add in gas usage when towing, trailer license fee’s, trailer maintenance, trailer / boat parking issues at home. Ask yourself if you’d rather drive to the marina, start your boat and go fishing. The cost difference isn’t that extreme.
    I don’t tell people this, but I’m a retired Veteran, 100% disabled due to Severe PTSD … All those incidents back in Ohio were very difficult for me. People carried weapons back there. So did the thieves. People got shot just trying to enjoy some time fishing. I felt afraid walking to my trailer at night in those poorly lighted parking lots. When I arrived here, I made the change from towing to owning a slip at a marina.
    I hope we can get together as fisherman … to fish.

  • naymondervin

    June 3, 2016 at 3:44 am

    BigRed believe me I understand. Like I said before I thought my Disabled Veteran Tags would at least make them think about NOT stealing from a veteran or a disabled person but apparently not. I would love to be able to put my boat in a slip but the rental fees are far too much for me to afford. But you are right it is an option especially with the summer crowds coming.

    I am not a spokesmen for any of these locks that I list they are just the ones that passed my tests and believe me every lock I purchased I put them through a lot.Although one of them I am using just simply because it was accessible and it was a pretty tough lock. Essentially you want to make sure of a few things. Firstly The top of key. You want to make sure they are difficult to pick or drill through. round keys are really good. Dimple Keys are good too You can find all kind of towing locks with these types. There are others too. Prevention is good but the more difficult the more likely they won’t bother. The other thing is on any of the pin locks like for the receiver you want tough stainless steel. A hardness that makes cutting difficult. you just want them solid through and through. for the coupler lock you want to avoid these because they just can be cut easily.. I have tried all of them and a hacksaw will make short work of them. I personally favor locks like this . Pretty much that style with a difficult lock and tough metal works pretty good. I use to use a brass one and a friend pointed out that it can just be drilled. Anything straight in this area is just too easy to cut. For those with a swinger trailer just use the same pin as the receiver locking pin just longer. Same concept: Difficult Key, tough hard metal and solid Stainless. Don’t for the the Tow Ball lock or a welded ball. Also wheel lock for the trailer wheels and the spare Plus any locks for your spare mount. While it’s not perfect security if you have this and the guy parked next to you has no locks the thieves will choose the path of least resistance. Now if all trailers are secure then they will be least likely to risk the time it takes to get through all of that.

    Locks for boats all varies–rod locker locks, trolling motor lock (A friend of mine in Illinois had his trolling mother stollen off its mount because all it took was one simple bolt) well they make a lock for that. Lowrance and Hummin Bird and Ram mount locks. Won’t stop them but makes it safe enough to Launch your boat and run to the vehicle real quick or go in the gas station to grab something. Especially if you have all your gear in your boat lockers and locked up. If you are traveling far Put a cover on your boat. Also there are outboard locks that are like tire locks. I also have locks on my battery compartment and Deck ports. Again most of them are more for traveling fishermen who will be at a hotel or campsite and your boat will be left hooked to you vehicle. Also for those a boat alarm is good too especially a pain one. My truck and boat and trailer all have a form of GPS lojack and can be tracked by my phone. I am however rather paranoid because of past experience and unless you travel to fish I don’t really recommend this amount of security unless you just want to. Just making sure your trailer is safe and vehicle and enough security while you launch and park is good enough. Also as long as we as a group see something shady we speak up for our fellow fisher friends. If I find any other locks and test them I will be happy to post em. I have tested MANY locks so if you have a question about something in particular I’d be happy to tell you the results. There is one form of security I believe in but it’s not for everyone.. Hehehehe there are some I’d be scared of carrying a gun…

  • jboy

    June 4, 2016 at 2:19 am

    I only Night Fish out of Smith Springs Boat Ramp… Its Lite up pretty good and about 60% of the time I see Cops drive through.. a few times when we come in the Metro Cop is sitting up in the top parking spots… I hope hes a fellow fisherman and watching out for us.. But could be just his spot to eat dinner… But all in all I’m glad to see him circle through or parked up top so every car that comes through cant miss him…

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