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  • Posted by Brian on September 11, 2017 at 6:26 am

    Yesterday I had a fun day on the lake with premium member Bruce Clayton. We fished for 8 hours covering a lot of information including electronics, lake patterns, environmental changes, lures, and more. We talked a ton and discussed a lot of what works and doesn’t work….. we also found a lot of things that didn’t work this day. LOL. Bruce is a great guy who is eager to learn and has a great attitude as far as finding fish and learning about the lake on a tough day. We started down lake near Elm Hill Marina where rumor was there were hybrid feeding in the morning. We searched for an hour without finding anything and then we jumped in line with a couple of other boats where the hybrids were busting on the surface. I kept my boat in 30-50 ft casting to random surface action. We watched a few guys catch 2-3 each while we tried our Whopper ploppers in sexy shad, Alabama rigs, and swimbaits. We had several blow ups, but never hooked into many. I only had one on my Alabama Rig. Next we moved to Smith Springs and fished the back right corner across from the ymca boat dock. I stayed off the bank in 8-10ft and cast of the boulder rocks that come out to the boat. Fishing with squarebill crankbaits in shad pattern and a Bandit 200 in sexy shad. I caught one short smallmouth around the boulders in 6ft. The water temperature was 75 degrees with 2 foot visibility. Next we moved passed both YMCA coves on the right heading down lake and then turned left behind the first island once you reach the main channel. On the back side of the island are boulder rocks that come out 25 yards into 8ft and then it turns to 20ft right on the bank. We tried our crankbaits and shaky hands with green pumpkin trick worms. We both caught gigantic gars and then pulled the trolling motor up. I passed hotel/ motel islands and turned left into the cove. We fished the second point that comes out far into the middle of the cove…….there is a raod bed that crosses it. With the boat in 8-10ft we cast up to the road bed surrounded by boulder rocks in 5 – 6 ft. I tried shaky heads, Strike King Bitsy Jigs in green pumpkin with a green pumpkin red flake Paca Craw, along with a Hoppy’s tandem white and chart spinnerbait. 0 bites after 20 minutes it was time to move. I moved to the mouth Spring Creek and fished the two PVC poles on the right side of the hump next to the boulder rocks. The rocks drop from 6-8ft. I marked a few fish, but we could never get them to bite our plastic worms and jigs. The water clarity was stained with 1ft visibility at 76 degrees. Next we moved into Fall Creek and tried the stump row on the left once you make the bend to the left in front of the boat ramp. One of my guides got into them good here the other in the evening on Rapala DT6s. We went back and forth on the stump road twice and I caught one nice white bass, but that was it. The water was stained in there with 1 foot visibility. We motored to Lamar Hill after passing the two islands on the left we stopped three hundred yards from the Lamar boat ramp. On the right bank in 4-6 feet of water there’s a long boulder point that comes out 100 yards. There was tons of bait and larger fish scattered throughout the bait so we decided to try Strike King half ounce rattle traps and crankbaits. We fished the entire area in 4 to 6 feet of water without a bite. We scanned the left and right point at the mouth of Lamar Hill and couldn’t find any concentrating bass there as well. I cruised to Stewart’s Creek and tried the left point at the mouth of the cove with the boat ramp. We scanned some bass in 10 – 14 ft of water 10 yards off the point. We fished for 30 minutes catching 2 on a shaky head in Mardi Gras color and on the Alabama Rig. I had three bites on my Alabama Rig that didn’t commit…… but whacked the fire out of it. We left, but then came back at the end of the day at 2:30pm. There was more bass concentrating his time and was able to catch 7 or 8. The first 5 were all caught on the outside of the mouth…..even the double I caught was on the outside of mouth in the side. I could tell they were just whacking the bait and not eating it. That was the day for us. We did fish a couple other spots with no results.

    Brian replied 6 years, 2 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • guitartom09

    September 12, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    Brian, please use more paragraphs.

    It’s incredibly hard to read this massive block of text.

  • Brian

    September 12, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    Sure thing

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