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  • Posted by Brian on September 14, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    Fun morning on the lake with BCGS guide, Justin Armstead. I wanted to get out for a few hours this morning before I headed to Nickajack for some fun fishing this weekend. We thought we would try some different areas so we put in way up the East Fork at Mona boat ramp. The water temperature was 65 degrees with a foot visibility. It was a little stain and there was little current.

    We decided to start the in the West Fork so we zipped over and started at the little bridge a couple hundred yards up from the West Fork boat ramp. Fishing the bridge on the right there was no water coming out. So we flipped a 1/4 ounce Hoppy’s black and blue jig and a shaky head with a green pumpkin/chartreuse crawl without any success.

    I motor a three hundred yards up to the next bend that turns right and shut the motor off. We fished the rip rap rocks and down the entire chunk rock bank while sitting in 12ft casting in the 2ft. The water was clear with 3ft visibility. This bank is behind the Nissan plant where you see people fishing a lot. We caught one 2lb keeper on the Hoppy’s Flea-Flicker black and blue jig with a green and purple Paca chunk. We fished further up without any action and and pulled up the trolling motor.

    We motored out of the West Fork, but first stopped at the blown-out bridge where the long rocky point comes out. This bridge is 1/4 mile yards inside the West Fork. We saw a few bait flickering on the surface in 5 to 6 feet of water and tried our jigs along with Bandit 200 crankbait in sexy Shad pattern and a Heddon Junior spooks in red and white. With no success we pulled up the trolling motor and moved on.

    Next week stopped after the first Bend going down the lake on the left. There’s a handful of cypress trees in a foot and a half of water on the left bank. We parked the boat in 3 ft and continued flipping our jig and crawfish. Within a 20-yard stretch we caught three very quickly including two keepers! These fish were very aggressive as soon as your lure would hit the water you would pick up and your line would be swimming off a different direction.

    Feeling like we found a pattern we trolled across the channel to all the cypress trees on the shallow flat. We flipped all these treea and caught 4, but they were all short.

    Even though i did not want to travel further down lake I could not help think about the island just before Lamar Hill boat ramp. We fish the outside of the first Island while sitting in 5 ft and casting to 1 foot. Here there are boulders, wood, sand, and cypress trees. The water temperature was 70 degrees here with 1.5 foot visibility. Right off the bat Justin caught a short bass on a buzzbait with a pearl fluke trailer instead of a skirt. Next I caught a short fish on my jig just a few feet off the bank. We continue around the outside of the island and then turned in between the two islands. Fishing the left Island now what cast off the bank and caught three more bass including one keeper. These fish were off the bank on boulder rocks in 3-5 feet of water. Also out in the middle is a tree laying down and I caught off the tree on my jig. The bads hung around a branch causing me to think it was a big one, but just a short largemouth. We fished around the point in to the left of the island and marked several fish out in the open in 5 ft around boulder rocks, but we could not get them to bite.

    Our last spot was back up in the river just passed Fall Creek. After passing the mouth of Fall Creek we cruised down the steep rock bank and then parked the boat on the mud flap with all the cypress trees. We went as far back as we could where it was 2 ft deep started casting to the baby cypress trees. Justin caught two over 2.5lbs back to back on the shaky head and green pumpkin and chartreuse crawfish. It was a perfect way to end the day
    All and all we caught around 12 bass and had 5 keepers for a little over 12 lbs. It was fun getting super shallow and dead sticking some fish on the bank!

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  • jack2sullivan

    September 14, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    Thanks for the info Brian and the paragraphs help the readability tremendously!

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