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  • Posted by Brian on September 15, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    Had a full day trip on Tuesday with a couple that was in from Texas. I started at 8 o’clock and fished until 4pm, to say it was tough was an understatement. We started at the Smyrna Pumphouse cut through. Idling in from the Fate Sanders side we stopped halfway through. We picked up black Hoppy’s 3/8oz buzzbaits and 3/16oz shaky heads with “California 420” 7-inch trick worms. We did not have a bite the first 50 yards, but once we reached the bend of the cut through(where there is a bunch of grass sticking up out of the water in the middle) we started getting bites. The water temperature was 83 degrees with less than one foot clarity. I kept the boat in 2 to 4 feet of water. Casting our plastic worms into the weeds out the middle we had 6 bites and landed 5 of them. None of these fish were very big, but it was nice to get consisted bites in one area. We fished the remaining cut through without any luck and then fished to the left and the right near the pump house without any luck as well. We moved to the mouth of Spring Creek and fished the rock ledge on the left where there are big boulders around the islands. I kept the boat in 15 to 20 feet of water while we made long cast into the shallow water where there were weeds growing out in 2-3ft. Draging our plastic worms slowly we had three bites and caught one short bass. Next we move to the back of Spring Creek and finished 200 yards on the right bank all the way up to the long point that comes out in the back. Casting into the shade with our plastic worms and buzzbaits we had 2 short bass on the buzzbait. I thought deeper channel in the shade might be more productive, but we never found a good pattern. Once we reached the flat on the long point in the back I thought we might get some actions on the buzzbaits, but that spot failed to offer any fish as well. We motored out of Spring Creek to the Jefferson Pike Bridge. We fished the left pillar in the shade with white weightless Zoom flukes and buzzbaits. We had one big bite on the fluke about three pounds that jump out of the water and missed the bait. That was the only bite we had. Next we motored up to the Weakley lane bridge where the action was a little bettet. Same flukes and a white hairjig with a white fluke for trailer, we had 4 bites and miss them all. They were drilling on top of the bridge which gave us a headache so we left. Next we went to the Stewarts Creek and fished the ski cove. Fishing the left bank while sitting in 4-6 feet and casting into the shade around the grass we had zero bites. Next we cruised up to Hong Kong Island and crappie fished on the flat across the channel. We fished two trees and caught 10, including 8 keepers in 30 minutes! The crappie seem to be a whole lot more active than the bass. We put down are crappie rods and I drove to the LaVergne pump house and fish the rocks and grass 100 yards into the Four Corners cut through. Square Bill crankbaits in shad pattern, flukes, and plastic worms in 2 to 6 feet of water and nothing to show for it. The last spot was at Fate Sanders Marina. Fishing the hump at the No Wake buoys with squarebill crankbaits in shad pattern and shaky heads we never had a bite.

    Another tough day on the lake! I thought it would be better since the last two trips I have been more productive. The seven day forecast shows weather in the eighties…. it appears it has gone back up since last week when it looked like it was going to cool off. Still waiting for the weather to break, until thenot should continue to be hit or miss.

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