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  • Posted by Brian on September 16, 2018 at 2:21 am

    Yesterday I spent 6 hours on Old Hickory. I had some clients new to the area that wanted to learn the lake.

    We started just passed the steam plant on the flat where we noticed baitfish being chased! I placed the boat on the channel ledge in 4 – 20ft while my clients cast whopper poppers in 1 to 3ft around isolated wood and the schools of shad. We had a few bites on the surface without hooking up.

    Next we moved the cove just up from the steve plant on the left. I start on the left point of the cove in 3ft of water with a sexy shad squarebill crankbait and a chartreuse shad squarebill crankbait. There were shad throughout the entire cove, but we could not find any bass. I tried a shaky head most of the cove as well without any luck. We finished the adjacent point at the mouth from where we started. My client with the chartreuse crankbait cast to the point and half way back he said he had one! It was pulling aggressively and he said “this is a big fish!” It came up 10 feet away from the boat and it was 4lb to 5lb largemouth! I grabbed the net and placed it in the water. As it came up next near the boat we got to see the giant again. At that time the crankbait flew out of her mouth! I shoved the net down the water to hopefully catch her, but was inches away! We only had one bite, but it was a good bite and we were excited to see a big fish.

    Next we moved to the water discharge up from the steam plant. We fished 1/8 oz shaky heads with green pumpkin and watermelon red flake Zoom trick worms. We had two bites to the right of the flowing water without any hookups.

    Next we moved down to Station camp and fished the long point that splits the creek. This is the long point where the duck blind sits. We marked a few fish out in 16 feet of water, but could not get any bites after 20 minutes. We tried our shaky heads and an A-rig.

    We move down to Cages Bend and fished the mouth. Focusing on the left point all the way down to the boat ramp we sat in the main channel between 12 to 20 feet and cast on top of the ledge in 4-6ft. We had two bites that we set the hook on, but did not connect with.

    We moved into Cedar Creek and to the right passed Cedar Creek Marina. We fished the grass in the back of the cove in 1-3 feet of water. There was surface action here and there throughout the flat, but after throwing topwater frogs, buzzbites, rattle traps, flukes, and whopper poppers without any bites we decided to move.
    It looked like an excellent area to catch a stringer of bass, but it just didn’t happen.

    Next we move up to the 109 bridge and fished the ledge between the second and third pillar. Keeping the boat in 10 to 20ft and casting into the shade around 4-8ft where the concrete boulders are we had a few bites. Finally we pulled up to the pillar and fished directly on the concrete and caught a 3.5lb on a green pumpkin trick worm! It was a tough morning that will finish the remaining hours another day, but we were glad to see a couple quality fish. I’ll be over on Old Hickory Wednesday preparing for a tournament next Saturday so hopefully we add on to our pattern.

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  • jtpiercey

    September 16, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    Thank you for an Old Hickory report. This is the lake I fish most. Sounded like a tough day, but cooler temps are coming.

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