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  • Posted by Brian on September 3, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Yesterday I hit the lake from 6am-12pm. Fishing with BCGS guide, Kevin Patin, we decided to try and shallow areas early.

    Last Saturday at the beginning of the all-nighter tournament I started in the back of Stewarts Creek. Hours before we had a flash flood and there was water ripping through the creek. Even though it was almost a week ago now I could not help think of all that fresh water entering the lake. We motored to the little cove across from the ski cove and started casting a black/blue 1/4oz Hoppy’s buzzbait and a shad colored spook. The water temperature was 83 degrees with >1′ clarity. I parked the boat just outside the weed edge in 4ft and we started casting to the weed point. Just 5 casts in Kevin caught a 14″ bass on his spook right on the point. Moments later I caught a short bass on my buzzbait off the same spot. We sat there for a bit and tried different lures. I tried a big shad square bill and caught a really short bass and then switched to a 3/16oz Texas rig with a red/black sinko and caught 2 little ones. We continued around the pocket fishing the grass, pass the bluff transition all the way to the end of the bluff…..nada. I stayed on the same bank and trolled up to the next flat. As the depth shallowed into 3ft I picked back up my buzzbait and started casting to the scattered grass. I quickly caught another short bass and then followed it up with a 2.5lb out of 2ft. There was tons of good grass passed this area, but we did not have any other bites there. I fired up the big motor and cruised up the creek to the left and to the right stopping 100 yards before the boat ramp. We fished all the grass on the left while siting in 8ft and casting into 2ft. I tied on a red 1/2oz Strike King rattle trap and hooked into a fish out of 4ft, but it got off while fighting him in. Meanwhile, Kevin picked up a white swimming jig and had one knock slack in the line, but it missed the hook. We fished all the way down to the island without a bite and then crossed the channel to the boat ramp bank. I picked up my 3/16oz shaky head with a green pumpkin Zoom Trick worm and started casting to the big point just to the left of the ramp. One my first cast I had a bite on the boulder rocks and missed him, I reeled in a shaky head with no worm on it. Fishing up to and pass the ramp we had 2 missed bites off the boulder rocks that transition into the flat. Next, we motored to the far back of the creek, 3 turns up in the channel. The water temperature was still 82-83 degrees as we reached more shallow grass. There was tons of shad back there with a few feeding fish. I picked up my buzzbait and started casting to the grass. I quickly had 2 small blow-ups, but never connected with another fish. We fished for 45 minutes back there without another bite and decided to spent the last couple hours somewhere else.

    Next, we stopped at the Jones Mill point and scanned several bass in front of the green channel buoy in 10-12ft. I picked my trick worm and Kevin his blk/blu jig. We tired to get these fish to bite for 30 minutes and only had 2 bites that did not commit.

    Then we cruised up to Bryants Cove and fished the left bank at the mouth. We scanned tons of bait with several bass scattered from 8ft-14ft for 100 yards. We parked the boat in 14ft and started casting a jig and trick worm into 8ft. After 30 minutes I had a good bite, set the hook, and started fighting him in. Well, that didn’t last long because it got off seconds later. Another 30 minutes without a bite and headed in for the day.

    All and all…..still TOUGH. The morning started off good with a lot of bites the first couple hours, but then is slowed way down. This is one of the toughest last 4 weeks for me I can remember. As I look back on previous years, although it was tough, I still had more success. I can not wait for FALL!

    dakota replied 7 years, 5 months ago 2 Members · 3 Replies
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  • dakota

    September 3, 2016 at 5:21 pm

    Thanks Brian. I saw you leaving Stewart’s creek then at the jones mill point. I was trolling cranks and caught a handful of crappie mostly short. Little yellow bass wouldn’t stay off my cranks. This was mostly around Stewart’s creek in front of the Y Y camp and Hong Kong. Decided to bass fish the bluffs near party cove. I Caught a few smallies on a crankbait nothing huge but it’s always great to catch smallies. My best friend is coming in next week so I hope it picks up.

  • tony-herring

    September 5, 2016 at 2:09 am

    Dakota- any tips for trolling crankbaits for those smallies? How deep, fast? What’s your setup?

  • dakota

    September 5, 2016 at 2:03 pm
    quote Tony_Herring:

    Dakota- any tips for trolling crankbaits for those smallies? How deep, fast? What’s your setup?

    Well at that point I stopped trolling and started casting the same crankbaits. You could troll the same bluffs because they get deep quick. I was using a crank that went about 10 ft deep but the 60 ft channel was within 10 yards. I was Casting to the shore and parallel, in which you could do the same trolling just stay tight to the rocks. I like using the Strike King 3XD because of its smaller profile and it gets down deep quickly into the rocks where as we know bass like to hide and ambush. Happy fishing!

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