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  • Posted by Brian on September 23, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Yesterday I hit the lake with one of my regular clients. We started shallow and ended up deep.

    Our first spot was at the Smyrna pump house. The water was 77 degrees, stained, with the wind blowing out of the north. Adswe reached the point of the rip rap we dropped the trolling motor and picked up our Texas rig worms and a Big Bite Craw (brown with blue/purple flake). Sitting in 8ft and flipping into 1ft to the rocks in the shade I hooked up on my first cast next to a bush….short bass. We continued around the rip rap around to the back cove and caught 2 more short bass. After it shallowed to 1ft we turned around to where we caught our first fish and started fishing the other direction towards the pump house. We picked up 2 more short bass and lost a few others. We continued down the entire 100 yards of rip rap without another bite.

    We moved up lake passed Jefferson Pike bridge stopping at the end(furthest away from the bridge) of the bluff wall on the right. The water was a little stained from the wind blowing into the bank. I started with the boat in 13ft while we flipped our craws and worms to the boulder rocks and wood in the shade. We fished 100 yards until we were in 2ft. During that stretch we caught 3 bass, including 1 keeper.

    We jumped over to the other side of the channel and started flipping the rocks there…..50 yards and nothing.

    I motored back down lake and stopped on the hump in front of the Spring Creek Island that is in Elite video 3. I marked several bass around the rock hump and threw a buoy out. We backed off and cast our craws, worms, and a brown jig. After 20 minutes without one bite we pulled the trolling motor up.

    Further down lake we stopped at the end of the bluff wall on the other side of the channel across Lamar Hill cove. Sitting in 20ft and casting into 14ft with our craws and jigs over a big tree and rocks near the red channel buoy…nada.

    Next we motored into Stewart’s Creek passed the main boat ramp to the mouth of the ski cove. Fishing around the long shallow point with cypress trees on top we sat in 12ft and cast up to the trees in 2ft. Dragging over boulder rocks that drop from 5ft to 8ft we caught 5 on our Texas rig crawfish. We maybe had one keeper, but the rest were 14″.

    We idled across the channel to the point(facing away of Stewart’s creek) off the little bluff wall. Sitting 12ft we cast to the rocks in 2ft-8ft. The rocks come way off this point. Dragging our crawfish we caught two, including one 3lb! I idled down to the further point on the bluff and put the trolling motor down. After pressing the power button on trolling motor 5 times and realizing I was not moving I pulled up the motor……no prop!!! The screw must have fell off! We packed it up and headed in.

    All and all, okay day. We caught several shallow flipping which is fun and several on some new points and ledges.

    I got some good Elite Video film. To sign up for the annual or month to month videos click here http://www.briancarper.elite.html

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