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  • Posted by Brian on September 24, 2014 at 3:15 am

    Today I went out with BCGS guide, Ben Malone. While traveling from marina to marina handing out literature on our new Extended Services we stopped and fished here and there.

    Our first spot was the big point directly in front of the Cedar Creek Yacht Club(on the right side if you are heading out of the creek). We found bait feeding on bass all around the point in both deep 12ft-18ft and shallow 1ft-6ft. We both picked up our rattle traps(I was using my Lucky Craft 1/2 shad and Ben was throwing a 1/2oz Red Eye Sexy Shad) and started casting towards the bait. Like Priest we took a lot of cast without much action, but finally hooked one short keeper. We moved into the next cove on the right where there was a lot of action and then to the next point without any more takers.

    Our next spot was the cove up from the steam plant of the left. You have to turn into the steam plant channel and then cut behind the island to get to this cove. As we arrived to the mouth there was bait flipping everywhere. We started casting our rattle traps and burning them back to the boat. As we reached the rocks at the back of the cove Ben was nailed by a bass, but it unbutton shortly after. A few moments later I took 5 cast with strikes every cast. Finally on my sixth cast….BOOM! I fought a 3lb to the boat and swung him in. We fished 30 minutes longer with several more strikes, but needed to move on.

    Our last spot was up in Bledsoe Creek. After leaving Shady Cove Marina we stopped on the next big flat on the right after passing Bledsoe Park boat ramp. Like many areas there was bait everywhere on the flat in 1ft-3ft. Once again we grabbed our rattle traps and started casting to the bait. There is a huge tree sticking out of the water at the end of the flat, this is where most of the bait were concentrating. In 20 minutes we caught 2 bass, one being another 3lbs! We also had a ton of short strikes.

    All and all fun day on the lake. The water temperature ranged from 71-78. I plan on going back soon, the fish are moving shallow and fall is a great time to fish the Hick!

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