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  • Posted by Brian on September 26, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    Thursday I launched at Lone Branch boat ramp and motored up to Cages Bend to pick up a client. This trip was a Fishing 101 trip, but we were able to fish several areas and get several bites. The water temperature was 75 degrees with normal 1ft clarity.

    We started in Station Camp on the long main channel point with the duck blind on top. I started explaining why we were fishing there and teaching him how to read side and down imaging. Shorty after idling around we ran across a school of bass surrounding a big tree! I tossed out a buoy as we backed off and tied on Texas rig worms in plum and green pumpkin/red flake. We were sitting in 12ft and casting into 5ft-7ft……15 yards to the left of the duck blind. I started explaining how to drag the bait slowly, feeling the bottom, and what a bite feels like. Within minutes my clients rods was bent over and pulling away from him! He set the hook, but it pulled off. We continued to cast to the tree receiving bite a bite every 5-10 minutes! Unfortunately, every fish pulled off(6-8 fish)!!! They were just nibbling and short striking it. Although it was fickle bite, we had a great hands on training session.

    Next we motored into the West Branch stopping at the first left point after the biggest house on the right(Diane Black’s house). The channel butts up against this point allowing us to sit in 12ft-15ft as we flipped into 2ft with 3/16oz shaky heads with green pumpkin Zoom Trick worms and 1/4oz Texas rig with a Big Bite Bait 3″ Swimming Craw in brown with purple/blue flake. There was bait everywhere on the point with small bass breaking the surface while feeding. I caught one on my craw and we lost another the rocks.

    Continuing with our fall pattern session, I moved across the channel to another point the channel ran along. We had zero bites as I explained how bass hold on points like this and move into the shallows to feed in the fall.

    Next I cruised into Spencer Creek to the back at Davis Corner bridge. I explained how bass on Old Hickory Lake concentrate on all the bridges in the backs of the creeks and migrate behind the bridges in the fall to feed on thousands of shad. Flipping my texas rig craw to the rip rap at the bridge I broke off on a fish! Moments later my client missed a fish in the shade under the bridge. We trolled behind the bridge and fished the rip rap before it quickly shallowed. There were shad everywhere near and around the bridge, but had not quite made it to the shallow flat yet……it will be a few more weeks before the colder temps pushes them back there.

    I motored out of Spencer Creek and headed down lake. We stopped at the island just before Cages Bend on the right and idled to the backside. We grabbed our plastic worms and craws and started flipping the edge of the weed-line in 3ft-4ft. When I fish the grass on OH I usually focus on grass in 3ft-5ft instead of 1ft-2ft… has been more productive for me. After 10 minutes I caught a decent largemouth on the edge and moments lake my client missed one after swimming out of the grass.

    My last spot was at the mouth of the Lone Branch Cove in Cedar Creek. Starting in 8ft on the left point I flipped my craw to the weeds. In 50 yards I had 3 bites, catching one decent fish! Time expired and it was time to pack up.

    All and all, okay day. We had several bites both deep and shallow. The majority of the larger fish will start moving shallow as the temperature continues to fall! Fall fishing is almost here!

    Dakota replied 8 years, 8 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • Dakota

    September 26, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    Thanks for the report Brian. I live 5 minutes from Lone Branch ramp.

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