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  • Posted by Brian on September 27, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    Had a trip yesterday morning, but it didn’t go as planned. We were supposed to meet at 6:30AM, but I never heard from them. We planned to meet at Poole’s Knob Campground at the boat. So I drove around to the other boat ramp and they weren’t there either. So I went back to the other boat ramp and waited for about an hour and half. I never heard from them so I started to fish around the ramp. Fishing to the left and right of the boat ramp in the the no wake zone I fished with 3/16oz shaky heads with a green pumpkin Zoom trick worm. I also tried 1/2oz homemade chatterbait in bluegill pattern. I kept the boat in 6ft-8ft while casting into 2ft-3ft. After an hour and no bites I motored over to the long point in the back of the no wake zone behind Hong Kong Island. I fished the point for 30 minutes while sitting in 10 to 13 feet and casting up to the point in 6ft. I never had a single bite. I moved to the front of the island facing Long Hunter boat ramp. This is the island in front of Hong Kong, the little one. I focused around the rockpile where the north wind was blowing and tried mt chatterbait and pastic worm….. no success. I motored to the second cut through and fished the left side. Focusing on the grass near the bank and the boulder rocks that come out at the point I kept my boat in 6-8 feet and cast into 2 feet. I missed one good bite on my chatterbait. Next I moved over to Fate Sanders no wake zone and made a few cast with my shaky head around the hump where I caught them last time out. Today no success. I went up to the Smyrna cut through where we’ve been catching a lot. I stopped right after the bend to the left and put the trolling motor down. The water temperature was 82 degrees. The boat was sitting in 3 to 4 feet of water while I cast to the rock boulders and the weed edge with my 1/4oz Hoppy’s buzzbait in black and blue. I had one strike at the edge of the grass that missed the bait. I picked up my shaky head and started casting to the rock boulders and the tree that is sticking out of the water at the grass edge. Two cast later I missed my first fish. Still using it green pumpkin red flake trick worm I cast out again and hooked into and landed a 1 pounder. I kept the boat in the same spot with the trolling motor stuck in the grass and went to the back of my boat and sat down in the chair. Fishing like this reminds me of when I was a kid and just relaxing and enjoying the sport. I continue throwing to the tree and the boulder rocks and caught 4 more bass! They were all about one pound, but it was a perfect way to end the day. I fished throughout the cut through until it opened up to the channel without another bite and then packed it up for the day. The temperature felt great today and the forecast shows fall is here. Highs in the seventies and lows in the 50s will begin to activate the shallow bite. I can’t wait….I’ve had enough of summer fishing 2016.

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