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  • Posted by Brian on September 29, 2014 at 12:26 am

    Yesterday was another frustrating tournament for me up until the end of the day. All day Jacob and I fished hard and caught a lot of fish, but only had one keeper at 1:30pm(the weigh in was at 2pm). At one 1:40 we pulled up to our last spot and the fun began. By 2pm we had 3 keepers and decided it was not enough to do much in the tournament, so we stay out to see how many we could catch on that spot. From 1:40pm – 3pm we caught 8 keepers for around 13lbs!

    We launched around 615am and headed to Stewarts Creek. We started on the big flat on the right at the mouth of the creek….behind/in front of the long point right after Stewarts Creek boat ramp. We stopped near the rocky point on the flat side and started casting Hoppys buzzbaits(white) to the rocks in 1ft of water. We fished around the point heading to the back of the flat where the rocks turn into mud. There was bait everywhere in 3ft-6ft of water. I placed my buzzbait down and picked up my Red Eye sexy shad(1/2oz). First 5 cast into 2ft of water I caught 2 short fish. The next 20 minutes we fished the flat where there was bait and caught several more short fish, but no keepers.

    Idling off the flat towards Fate Sanders we noticed tons of bait on the left point near the channel. We chucked our rattle traps and A-rigs and caught 2 more short fish in 4ft-6ft. After 20 minutes and no keepers…..time to move.

    Next we moved to Lamar Hill and stopped on the flat on the left once you enter, but not in the back. There was bait popping here and there, somewhat promising, but there was not any big fish activity on the structure scan. We started casting our rattle traps into 1ft and burned them bank to the boat. We fished 300 yards without a bite and saddled up.

    We cruised to the other side of the main channel to fish the bluff wall/flat transition. Some clouds moved over so I grabbed my buzzbait and started casting to the shallow rocks and Jacob tried a white/pearl swim jig. I had one good blow up in 1ft of water in a crack in the boulders, but she must have just whacked it or missed it. We fished the entire transition and then all the way across the flat to the rip rap. We continued down the rip rap without any bites. Started to get frustrated I trolled to the bridge with the intention of catching 1 or 2 spotted bass so if we had 3 or 4 good largemouth keepers we would have something to go them. First cast with my A-rig……BOOM, 2 fish at once! One was 12″largemouth and the other was a 14″ largemouth. The next 25 minutes……not another bite, go figure!

    We headed to the hump I like at just across the channel and to the left of Fate Sanders. Casting 1/2oz swing head jigs with Big Bite Craws in brown/blue flake into 10ft of water while sitting in 13ft, we caught 0 in 30 minutes and decided to leave.

    I headed to the back of Fate Sanders to burn my rattle traps. With the warmer temperatures this week the water temp has rose into the mid/upper seventies again. The bait was very slim and there were no bass to be found….I believe this was why.

    Jacob and I decided to do something completely different since bouncing around was not working and getting old. We motored to the back of Stewarts Creek just past the back boat ramp. We both picked up a jig, mine was 1/4oz Hoppys green pumpkin with Paca chunk. We flipped the rocks in the shade around wood and rocks and quickly caught three short bass. Once we got 200 yards down the bank I set the hook on a 3lb largemouth and landed our first keeper! Moments later Jacob swung in a 14.5″ largemouth. We thought we were getting on a solid pattern, but never got another bite.

    With 30 minutes left I told Jacob lets try the hump out near Fate Sanders again. Usually this spot is good in the middle of the day in the summer. Once we got there I picked up my swing jig again and Jacob grabbed a Strike King 5XD in Sexy Shad. We fished for 15 minutes without a bite. Then I picked up my A-rig and took a cast….BOOM…3lb! Two cast laster another 2.5lb! it was now 1:55pm and I asked Jacob if he wanted to weigh these fish in or keep fishing? We decided to just keep fishing. The next hour we caught 6 more keepers on the A-rig!!! If the tournament went until 3pm we might have won it. We probably had around 13lbs…oh well that’s fishing. Another great day and great story for the books!

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