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  • Posted by Brian on September 29, 2015 at 9:41 pm

    Over the last week BCGS has caught near 200 keeper crappie! Although both water and air temperatures have been a little cooler, we are still fishing the same patterns and depths.
    All of our crappie have been coming between Fate Sanders and Four Corners. We have been focusing on brushpiles in 10ft-16ft and primarily fishing with live minnows. I have caught a few on 1/8oz Crappie Magnets jig with a green/chart CM OR full chartruese CM, but the live bait has been dominating!

    Mouse Tail Island has unfortunately been a little slower the last several days. However, the flat in front of Hong Kong has been good along with the point in front of Long Hunter boat ramp cove, both sides of Ponderosa island and in front of the Youth Inc camp. As it continues to cool off more crappie will move shallower. I have already heard of a few people starting to catch crappie on the stakebeds in 4ft-6ft on floats. I usually stay deeper in the fall with the exception of a few days to use a float…..I never get tired of watching a float go down!

    As for the bass, they have been very active too! I have been fishing no deeper than 6ft and have caught dozens of bass, including several nice keepers in very shallow water!
    One area that has been consistently productive has been behind Fate Sanders Marina. Fishing the back left pocket and the back right pocket while sitting in 6ft and casting into 2ft-3ft with either a 3/16oz shaky head with a green pumpkin trick worm, texas rig with a 1/8oz bullet weight and a plum Zoom Ol Monster ribbontail worm or a Big Bite Bait 3″ swimming craw in orange/brwn.

    The other day the left point at the mouth where Stewart’s Creek boat ramp is offered some exciting action. While sitting in 8ft-20ft and casting to the rock bank with the same plastic worms and craws, but also with Heddon spooks and poppers, we caught several quality keepers and short bass.

    The point at the mouth of Ski Cove in Stewart’s Creek has been a winner too! Fishing shallow around the baby cypress trees has produced on cloudy days and the boulder rocks just out from the cypress trees in 4ft-6ft has been consistent on sunny days. Soft plastic worms and craws is all I have been using here. If you are facing the point and the ski cove is on your right the left side of the point has been best where it is deeper.

    Lastly, the Smyrna pump house has been holding bass. Flipping orange/brwn and brown with blue/purple flake Big Bite Bait craws on a 1/4oz bullet weight has been producing several bass on the rip-rap each time I fish it. I keep the boat a flip away in 4ft-12ft(depending on if you are on the back side or front side of the pump house).

    Almost all of these spots are in the next Elite Video that will be going up tomorrow! If you’re like me there is no better way to learn and gain knowledge than watching it be done! Click the link here to sign up for a discounted full year price or only $16.99(premium special) month-to-month with NO CONTRACT!!!

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