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  • Posted by Brian on September 6, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Yesterday I had a good day on the lake bass fishing with a father and two teenagers. We started at 6am in Stewart’s Creek across from the ski cove. The water temperature was 83 degrees with shad skipping across the surface at the edge of the grass. Focusing on the point we cast Hoppy’s black 1/4oz buzzbaits and a 3/16oz shaky head with Zoom Trick worm. Although there was bait everywhere we never had a bite! I moved across the channel and fished the grass and around the cypress trees on the point of the ski cove. We fished the 30 yard stretch and caught one short bass on the shaky head. Next we moved back into the creek further and stopped at the first flat on the left once you enter the narrow part of the creek. Continuing with our buzzbits and worms while sitting in 3ft and casting into 1ft around scattered grass we caught 2 more 14″ bass. One came on the buzzzbait and the other on the shaky head.

    I was trying to think of more areas that were the same, so I motored to the shallow bank on the left just passed the Fate Sanders Recreational boat ramp. I parked the boat on top of the flat in 3ft and we continued casting the same baits into the shade around grass, boulders, and stumps. We fished the entire 100 yards until we reached the mouth of Lamar Hill without a bite and pulled up the trolling motor.

    Our last and best spot before we switched over to crappie was the Smyrna pumphouse cut through. I motored in from the north opening and slowed down about halfway through the cut through. I idled up to where the channel bends to the left and shut the motor off. Again we continued with the Hoppy’s buzzbaits and shaky heads. There was still a little shade on the left bank so we focused on that side. Quickly we had another short bass on the black buzzbait from the edge of the grass followed by a missed worm bite where the bass carried the worm all the way from the back of the boat to the front of the boat before the client set the hook and missed the fish….lol. Seconds later another client caught a 14″ largemouth on his shaky head that he picked up 5 minutes prior. The water temperature was 82 degrees while we kept the boat in 3ft-5ft the entire time. Now, everyone had a shaky head on with Zoom Trick worm. The color I was using was California 420. I picked up my shaky head and missed 2 in the middle of the channel around some boulder rocks. We fished up to the exit of the cut through near the pumphouse and focused on the left point. There is a log out of the water 5 yards off the bank that I made a long cast to….thump! I set the hook and fought a 3.5lb largemouth over the log and into the boat! I set my rod down and told my clients to cast to the point around the log. I picked up a Strike King KVD 1.5 squarebill in shad pattern and made a long cast out in front of the grass. I turned the handle once and BOOM….another short bass. We focused on the point for 20 minutes catching another short bass and then packed up the bass gear.

    I pulled out my crappie rods and we went over to Hong Kong and parked the boat over a brushpile in 12ft. I hooked on live minnows and we sent them down, tight lining off the bottom. We caught a few short crappie and 2 nice keepers. Then we moved around to 3 other trees without a bite. We finished up at the Youth Camp on top of the hump near the red channel buoy. Fishing 2 trees there we caught several crappie and even more yellow bass….just enough to have a good time!

    All and all, better day. We had consistent action throughout the morning and saw a quality largemouth! Although the afternoons are still HOT the mornings are cooler, which I think is starting to help the bite!

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