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  • Posted by Brian on September 7, 2018 at 12:35 am

    Yesterday I fished 8 hours with a new client from Long lsland NY.   We had a great day bass fishing although it did not start out that way. 

    The water temperature was 83 when we launched from Fate Sanders Marina.  It was cloudy with the forecast predicting cloudy all day.  I was excited because I figured we would be fishing topwater most of the day.

    We started scanning and watching the surface for activity on the big point at the mouth of Stewart’s Creek that extends out 50 yards into the channel. We did not find any activity and moved over to the long point
    on the right inside the creek. This is the point that has 3 PVC poles on the end of it. We parked the boat on top of the point in 4-5ft and started casting SR5 shad pattern shad raps, Heddon sexy shad spooks, and Strike king shad pattern 1/2oz rattle traps……nada.

    Next we motored to Jones Mill Cove, but there were 2 boat already fishing the schools off the long point so me moved to the second cut through.

    We stopped in the middle in 5ft and started casting 3/16oz and 1/4oz shaky head with watermelon and green pumpkin Zoom trick worms.  Casting to the right bank we caught one .5lb bass, but that was it.

    Next, I cruised to the hump in front of Lamar Hill.  All I found was an empty mound of rocks.

    I headed up further in to the Smyrna cut through.  Look for bait on the shallow flat on the right 100 yards in we never saw any. I continued idling through the cut through and then nailed a boulder(we found out later I put a hairline crack on bottom of lower unit)!  The rest of the
    trip the motor ran fine.  We fished the mouth of the Smyrna cut through with shaky heads without and action fired up the motor.

    As I was idling out in the channel heading towards Spring and Fall Creek we noticed a school of bass feeding in the channel.  We stopped and tried spooks, white flukes, whopper plopper, crankbaits and A-rigs without and takers!!!!

    Frustrated, we pulled up the trolling motor and headed to the back of Fall Creek. We started at the 840 bridge where the water was a little clearer at 84 degrees.  There were tons of bass with several bass schooling on the surface.  We fished 100 yards back with weightless
    flukes, sr5 shad raps, and spooks and could only catch one short bass on the fluke.

    We were now half way through our trip with only two dinks!

    I motored back up lake and stopped to scan the hump in front of the Lamar Hill again.  This time there was a school of bass on top of the rocks so I tossed a buoy out and grabbed my A-rig. My client tried a shaky head.  With the boat in 25ft we cast into 12ft on top of the
    rocks.  I had a few whacks on my rig, but no takers.  The shaky head had no bites!

    Next I moved to the Weakley Lane bridge.  We started casting to the right pillar with weightless white flukes, SR5 shad raps, and spooks.  Fishing in 1ft-5ft we caught 5 with maybe one keeper.

    Next I scanned back over Stewart’s Creek main point that extends into the main channel.  We did not see any out on the point, but we did see a few on the base off the point in 4ft-8ft.  Casting Strike King 5XD in
    chart/blue and Norman Deep Little N chart/black we caught 2, including one 3.5lb large mouth.

    Our second to last spot was our best! I was driving by the second cut through island from the Jones Mill side and saw 2 surface breaks on the back point. I pulled over and set the trolling motor down.  We started casting to the point in 2ft-4ft with shad pattern rattle traps and a 
    blue/grey 90 Whopper Plopper.  All of a sudden a school of bass were feeding on the surface behind us! I cast my rattle trap and caught a 2.5lb and my client caught one on his WP!  The next hour we caught 6 or more when the bass would come up to the surface. We caught a good
    smallie, a 4+lb largemouth, and several keepers!  It was fun getting into some HOT action.

    Lastly, we fished the cove across from the Youth Inc camp.  The wind was blowing directly into the cove! We fished the entire back cove in 1ft-6ft with topwater, A-rigs, worms, and rattle traps. We witnessed a couple nice schools of big bass, but could not get over to them quick
    enough.  We did catch one short bass around the boulder rocks in the back left corner on a rattle trap.

    All and all, fun day.  It was a grind and it really slow most of the day, but the HOT made it worth it!

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