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  • Posted by Brian on September 9, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    Yesterday I fished from 1130am-330pm with BCGS Kevin Patin. After finishing a trip down lake trolling with crankbaits with no results we pulled up to a few trees on the humps in front of Elm Hill and Cooks boat ramp and found a bunch of yellow bass and bluegills. We caught a bunch of those, but nothing big. I can confirm that there are tons of white bass and largemouths schooling at the mouth of Hamilton Creek! There are football size schools busting on shad!!! The water was 83 degrees with 2ft clarity.

    After, Kevin and I went out and had a good time on the water. It was REALLY HOT, but the fishing helped us cool down. We started scanning the hump in between the red channel buoys just across from Fate Sanders. We found several on the hump on top of the boulders so we decided to give it a try. I parked the boat in 15ft and we started casting in 10ft. I tried a 1/2oz Texas Rig green sinko, 6″ sexy spoon, and 1/2oz white hair jig with fluke while Kevin tried different lures…..nada. A few times some bass came to the surface and busted shad, but they were out of reach and we could not get them to strike again. After 30 minutes we pulled up the trolling motor.

    I motored up-lake passed the Smyna cut through and pulled to left on top of the flat. This is the flat with 3 PVC poles on the ledge. I stopped in the back left corner where the wind was pounding into the bank. I tied on a 1/2 shad pattern H2O rattle trap and started casting into 1ft while sitting in 3ft-4ft. Unfortunately, there was no bait and we never got a bite in the 150 yards we fished.

    I fired up the motor and cruised to the other end of the Smyrna cut through where the Smyrna pumphouse is. I picked up my 3/16oz shaky head with California 420 color Zoom Trick worm and started pitching to the grass edge while sitting in 4ft-5ft. Kevin had on a white swimming jig. He had one bite that he missed on his jig. Moments later near the mouth of the cut through Kevin set the hook after a bass was swimming away with his jig. He set the hook and his rods blew up in 4 places!!! It was an All Pro Rod, which I like, but this must have been a bad one… was quite comical. To make it worse….he lost the fish. We fished into the cut through 30 yards and I had a bite on my shaky head. I set the hook and missed the fish. I threw back in and had another bite! I set the hook and fought a 3.5lb into the boat! This fish was in 2ft of water! The water temperature was 87 degrees and there were schools of bait throughout the area. We continued down further and Kevin caught 2 short bass on a Texas Rig plastic green crawfish. After we fished pass the bend in the cut through without a bite we turned around and went back over the same area. I caught another short bass around the giant boulder with my shaky head. While we were fishing our way out there were some fish feeding on the right side of the cut thought in 1ft. I grabbed my rattle trap and started casting. First cast….nada. Second cast…BOOM, decent largemouth. Two cast later another nice largemouth and another next cast! At the same time Kevin is swimming his craw and catching a few as well. After the action slowed down we continued out of the cut through and to the right near the pumphouse. Again, there were more bass feeding on shad. I stayed with my rattle trap caught a couple little ones and Kevin tried his swimming jig and missed a couple. We fished down the rip rap with our shaky heads and jigs without a bite.

    We were running out of time and tried the flat in between Spring and Fall creek. Casting around the rock piles with grass growing on top we sat in 3ft made fan cast into 1ft. There were no shad and no action anywhere. After 20 minutes we packed it up.

    We stopped on our way back at the Weakley Lane bridge and caught 5 off the pillar in the shade. I caught one on my 6″ spoon and 2 on my rattle trap. Kevin caught 2 on his white hair jig!

    All and all, fun day! we caught 10-12 bass and missed several others. The first 2 spots we caught nothing so the last 2 hours were pretty packed with action. I am surprised by the action in 1ft-3ft, but when the shad move up the bass follow. It finally looks like we have a lot of cooler days in the forecast with near upper 70’s and lows in the 50’s!!!!! Get your topwater and fast moving baits ready!

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