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  • Brian

    July 28, 2013 at 5:09 am

    I typically fish brush from 10ft-20ft. Sometimes the crappie are in shallow brush and sometimes deep brush. Then it is really hot or cold, the deeper trees produce more. I have very few trees below Hobson pike bridge and from my experience there is nowhere near as many as mid and up lake. I would come up a little further and look for trees or you could set some of your own trees out. The trees need to be in that deeper depth to produce this time of year. If you continue to look for brush down there, you want to look for brush in areas where a flat drops off into the main channel. For example, try looking for brush at the end of the bluff wall at “hole in the wall”. Keep your boat in 15ft(right on the drop) and idle slowing until you see a brushpile. I just found one over there a few weeks ago.

    Also, watch my youtube video on “Finding Brush with your Electronics”. This will help you know what to look for.

    I use 6lb line. It works great for me. I would not use anything higher than 6lb(4lb works great too, but it breaks easier when you get snagged in the trees). When you let your bait sink to the bottom and start jigging it, keep your rod down close to the water. This will keep the wind from blowing your line and also give you leverage to set the hook and keep pressure when reeling in a crappie.