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  • simplecircuit

    August 20, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    I don’t know much about abu’s line up [I only fish Daiwa’s].
    However, here’s what I use gear wise for different things.

    4.9:1 – Deep Crankbaits, Mid Crankbaits, Alabama Rig
    6.3:1 – Jigs, Soft Plastics, Carolina Rig, Spinnerbaint, Buzzbait, Swimbait, Pitching
    7.3:1 – Rattletrap/Vibration, Squarebill, Flutter Spoon, Frog, Flipping/Pitching with Braid

    I think the 6.3:1 is a good all around ratio. It won’t kill you for pulling a heavy lure and it allows you to reel fast for anything that you need to keep moving. The slow ratios make pulling big crankbaits and alabama rigs much easier. The slow retrieve is the most specialized of the retrieves. The fast/burner ratio is pretty good for anything that you need to run fast, and you can always reel it a little slower, but it is going to lack “power” when pulling on a bigger fish or larger lure all day.
    Hope this helps.