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  • simplecircuit

    January 13, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    To answer the location question, I was seeing the fish in both places. I focused my graphing effort on a pocket just off the channel that I know has a long 45 degree drop to it. Also, I know it’s more practical/efficient to graph from the console while idling, but I like to put the trolling motor on medium to high [I have a MG109] and blindly cast my drop-shot or something else while watching the front graph. By just keeping an eye on the graph, you can pick up on a few clues as to what depth the fish are holding in where you are fishing. Then once I moved to the bluff to fish, I could see the fish at the same depth that I had found them earlier in the pocket [same general area, same general water conditions – temp, color, etc].

    A few other tips that I had written at first, then realized I hadn’t actually answered your question…
    Finding the deeper fish is kind of hit or miss at this time of year. Roughly, what I’ll do is watch my graph while idling out onto the main lake from wherever I’m putting in [typically Elm Hill]. You’ll start to see scattered bait suspending at a certain depth. Then, when I get to the bluffs regardless of whether I see fish on the graph, I try to set my boat out a little deeper than I was graphing the bait earlier. I’ll cast to the bluff and slowly work the dropshot back out deeper. The fish typically will bite at whatever depth the bait was showing up earlier.

    During the winter, a lot of the fish will be tight to the bottom and hard to see on the graph. There are ways to pick them out from the bottom by using zoom levels and depth ranges on your graph, but I don’t have the patience for it. One thing that I’ve found this season is that if I run my Hydrowave on 30sec intervals, the fish will “show themselves”. I know a lot of people think the Hydrowave is bogus [the marketing definitely over-promises], and I wasn’t a huge fan earlier in the year, but I’m finding that during the winter it’s helping me to find fish that weren’t obvious on the graph by just idling/trolling around and looking.

    Sorry for the overly long response to a quick question. Hopefully it’s helpful and not too circular. I’m at work and keep getting pulled away mid-thought. Then come back and start with a new thought process.