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  • simplecircuit

    January 15, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    I’m with aschaeffer12.
    I use a leader on most of my spinning rigs. I use 12lb Sunline SX1 with either a 7lb Sunline Sniper Fluoro or 8lb Sunline Shooter leader depending on what I’m doing. I do have one baitcaster that I rig with a leader. It’s one that I use when visiting my In-Laws in Florida. I keep it spooled with 55lb Sunline FX2 braid for fishing a frog, ripping a vibration bait, or anything else that I’m not worried about the line showing. Then, I’ll put a 14lb fluoro leader on it if I’m fishing a slower moving presentation or when I think that line visibility might be an issue. I’ve also heard of some guys who will put a heavy mono leader on rods that they use for flipping/pitching and topwater to act as a “shock absorber” during hooksets. The lack of stretch in the braid can cause the hook to make too big of a hole in the fish’s mouth on a big hookset.

    As for copolymer. I used to primarily be a finesse guy. I always used 4-8lb yo-zuri hybrid. It’s great line, but my experience has been that copolymers are tough to manage, with none if the specific upsides of either mono [floats well & inexpensive] or fluoro [sinks, low stretch, less visible in the water]. If you like it, I would say that you should tick with it and don’t worry about a leader.

    One other thing…
    I have tried a lot of knots to connect my main line to leader. The one that I have liked lately is the Alberto Knot. It is pretty easy to tie, and makes for a pretty streamlined and compact join that has good strength.