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  • blockel

    January 15, 2014 at 5:26 pm
    quote simplecircuit:

    One other thing…
    I have tried a lot of knots to connect my main line to leader. The one that I have liked lately is the Alberto Knot. It is pretty easy to tie, and makes for a pretty streamlined and compact join that has good strength.

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m a detail guy by nature and as a result, I like tweaking or experimenting with things, knots being one of those “things” (it comes with it’s pros and cons, I know… :D). I know a lot of pros use the double uni knot for connecting they’re main line to their leader. This is great knot but I believe that the double uni knot does not have the strength of a well tied Alberto knot (Also known as the Modified Albright knot), and this has been proven ( I also believe that double unit comes out a touch larger in size than the Alberto. Having a larger knot can get caught on your eyelets while casting and significantly decrease casting distance and more importantly, this can increase the wear on your knot throughout the day and increase the chances of breaking during a hookset… this is why I choose the Alberto knot when connecting a leader to my main line for bass fishing applications. Having said that, I do find myself using a double uni for crappie fishing with lighter lines (i.e. 4lb-6lb) primarily because I personally I find it a touch easier to tie when dealing with a small diameter line.

    Just to echo what the others have said, for me the perks of using a braid main line with a fluorocarbon leader would simply come from having the castability and sensitive of the braid but yet, the invisibility of the fluorocarbon. Essentially the best of both worlds!

    There are tons out there but here’s the video I used to help learn the Alberto knot:

    Hope this helps!