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  • simplecircuit

    August 26, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    Here’s that fishing report…
    Sorry i didn’t post it yesterday. I had a lot to do last night when I got home after the drive back from Camden.

    We launched out of Birdsong Marina on both Saturday and Sunday. I fished as a co-angler both days. Both of my boaters were on a solid grass bite thursday/Friday during practice. Unfortunately, this bite didn’t materialize well for the weekend. Weather change? Boat traffic? Fishing pressure? I’m leaning towards fishing pressure. At any rate, something changed.

    First thing on Saturday, we headed to some mats to fish frogs. I missed a couple of decent fish on the frog, but did catch a couple of shorts. The mats we fished were just North of Birdsong on the main lake. It seemed to just be a high spot about 3/4mile long that had matted hydrilla all over it. My boater also did some punching, but didn’t catch anything. We also fished some non-matted grass that topped out about a foot below the surface near Harmon Creek. I had a huge bass blow up on my popper there, but he completely missed the lure. The rest of the day we hit more mats and fished a few drops. The drops in the creeks seemed to be holding some fish, but the size wasn’t great. They were catchable on worms and jigs. Regular KY Lake stuff [e.g. 10″ plum power worms, 1/2oz football head]

    On Sunday, we headed south of Birdsong to fish an island with matted grass on the edge of it. I threw a frog with no results. My boater had caught good numbers there the prior day on buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and a sammy, but only had 3 or 4 keepers. This grass had a deep edge on it that dropped off into 10ft. I did catch a 5lb keeper on a football head jig with a twin tail grub trailer. I was pitching it to the edge of the mats and just slowly pulling it free from the submerged hydrilla. I also caught a couple other short fish doing the same thing. Color seemed to be critical on this. My boater switched to throwing a jig and didnt’ get a bite until he matched the color that I was throwing. The jig was Cumberland Craw [basically PBJ with some Chartreuse on the bottom] with a green pumpking w/ purple and copper flake twin tail grub]. We stayed in this area for most of the day without much success. We ran some other stuff in the back of Birdsong. We fished the bridge, the lilly pad in the back and some boat docks. Caught some shorts off the docks, 1 keeper around the bridge and a short in the pads.

    One key to the grass that seemed most productive is that it needed to be up against the river channel. The couple of larger flats that we hit had scattered fish, but didn’t seem to be as productive or have as many other boats on them.

    I wish I knew exactly what was working, but it seems like the grass isn’t a bad bet, but is an all or nothing deal. I know a lot of guys ran up to Paris to fish the ledges, but I’m not sure how they did. let me know if you have any specific questions.