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  • rayzor65

    February 17, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    I was shooting the jigs, don’t think minnows could survive the ride, 😮 I have shot jigs tipped with meal worms to try and get em to bite, that one is still under review. The two docks I did the best on were both double slip docks with a boat one side and a empty lift the other, I think they were right at 18 FOW and I was fishing 4 feet off the bottom, tightlining the minnow with my 8 foot rod between the empty lifts floats. I wished I had brought my 10 foot rod to be able to cover more area. I used small minnows. Had another buddy who was out yesterday also, he was tightlining over laydowns on a steep bank, he put 10 in the boat and did say the bite early in the day was definitely better than the afternoon for him, he wouldn’t say where he was fishing.