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  • philip-nichols

    February 22, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    I had planned on going to east fork but when I drove over east fork on 840 I realized I needed a new plan. I had no clue tht we got that much rain over night. I ended up putting in at Jefferson springs the water looked a little stained and had current. Crappie fished for a while by the ramp caught a lot of small bass and crappie. Ran down to where spring and fall creek came in and saw the same mud wall you did Brian. I was having trouble with the wind trolling motor was strong enough so I went back towards Jefferson springs and fished some stump on a flat next to the channel drop. Started catching some small fish but current was picking up, jig kept getting snagged, and some dill hole in a newer model tracker decided he wanted to stop and fish there also pretty much casting all around my boat. That stuff makes my blood boil but since the man had what looked like his son with him I decided not to educate him on ethics and just head back towards the ramp. When I rounded the corner at the pump house I could tell the chocolate milk had made it from the forks and had lots of trash and trees in the channel. So packed it in for the day. Fished 2 hours and didn’t get skunked. The best part of my day was meeting a man at the ramp who was also taking his boat out. He was a Vietnam vet who absolutely loves to fish and talk about fishing. That old man was funny and gave me lots of advise about fishing back in the river and up above Walter hill. Very nice man hope to run into him on the water again.