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  • simplecircuit

    September 10, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    You’ll know the stripers and hybrids are running good when you start to see fly fishermen on the park/point at the dam and in the back of Old HIckory cove. In the spring, I know the hybrids and stripers run into Old Hickory cove to feed on spawning gizzard and threadfin shad. You’ll typically see a center console boat or two trolling the length of cove with live bait. We’ve caught them on topwaters [zara spook jr, redfin, jumping minnow – BONE or WHITE colors only]. They’ll also hit rattle traps [chrome w/ blue back] and flukes [again – WHITE only]. Since they move in there in the spring, I assume they move back in the fall to follow the bait. We’ve also caught some closer to winter in the coves on the left side of Hamilton Creek [if you’re running to the back] using small jerkbaits and flukes on a scrounger head [again… WHITE]. The recurring theme here is that they love to eat things that are white. I’m not sure why it is, but they don’t seem to respond to any other colors. I’ve tried to get cute a few times fishing from shore and put on something just a little different than what everyone else is using – variation in color, lure or action… I got lots of short strikes while other guys were hooking up. Once I switched to white… The fish were on. Hope this helps.

    ps. my main fishing hours are 4-dark out of elm hill marina. if you just want to catch some bass and don’t care about size, you never have to leave the no wake zone. the whole marina has tons of different structure/cover to fish. shallows in the back of the pockets, channel drops, a hump or two, roadbeds, scattered rock, stumps, etc… then there are the bluffs on both sides on the right side leaving elm hill. the big island that separates the marina from the lake has a long point on the lake side. the channel swings up against the right side of the island when you’re leaving the marina. i really think it’s a good area to try new stuff or just to catch a few fish without spending a lot of time running and burning gas.