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  • simplecircuit

    September 16, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    We fished Sunday 9/15 from 4:30-Dark.
    We started out by giving a kid a ride from Elm Hill to Seven Points. His PWC had flooded while he was eating at the marina with is girlfriend. So, we figured we could stack some good karma points by helping him out. Our initial plan was to fish Hamilton Creek, but since we were over there already, we fished from the Rock Point [red channel marker] all the way around to Porter Wagner point. I caught a couple small bass up shallow on crankbaits, then found a big group of fish out in 18-20ft of water on Porter Wagner point. I had a few bites on a jig, but didn’t hook up. My partner had a couple of bites on a grub and a drop-shot, but didn’t hook up either [panfish? crappie?]. They looked like bass on the graph, but since we couldn’t hook up, we ran to fish other areas. I did catch a keeper smallmouth on the channel drop by Cook’s [across from Goose Island]. It hit a football head jig on the drop in about 8ft of water right before it goes into the channel. Slow day, but for an hour and a half of fishing, but I’ll take it. BTW, the water has come back up from Friday, but the temps are still the same [low 80’s – we found a little area that was 79 on the main lake]. I’m ready for fall fishing to really get going.