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  • frisky97

    September 17, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    Rayzor65, I went out bassin Yesterday morning around 6am and about 11 am the bass somewhat turned off so I thought I’d try some of the stake beds and lay downs in the Stewart creek area to see how the crappie magnet did compared to live minnows. using 2 hooks, I tied a minnow about 8″ above the 1/8 oz sinker and a black and chartreuse crappie magnet about 10″ above the minnow. Tight lining above the structure in about 12′ to 14′ I caught 14 crappie in about an hour. 10 of the 14 were caught on the crappie magnet and only 4 on the live minnow. Not sure this could be considered a scientific study, but I’ sold on the crappie magnet…