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  • Brian

    September 23, 2013 at 11:35 pm

    I would stay at the mouth of all the coves. The first 1000 yards seem to be where most the bait are. Fish the pockets where there is a lot bait and structure(chunk rock and wood). The intersection of Spring/Fall is holding a lot of bait. For Fall Creek, if you go past the Fall Creek boat ramp you’ve gone to far. Once you enter Fall Creek the bank on the left was packed with bait and bass. Today I saw tons of bait at the mouth of Spring and Fall creek in 4ft-7ft of water(I was out from 11-4pm). We caught all of our fish on shad rap crankbaits and 3/16oz shaky heads with Zoom trick worms. So, you can skip going to the back of the creeks in my opinion…there does not seem to be near the activity. Also, I would definitely start the morning with a buzzbait or some type of topwater in shallow water….1ft-3ft!

    The two spring are in the back of Spring Creek. The biggest one is in the back near the 840 bridge. If you are at the 840 bridge and head to the mouth of the creek, it will be the first cove/creek on your right. It will be 8-12ft all the way to the back and then 30ft at the end of the creek. The other spring is in one of the finger coves just up from the big Spring creek if you continue out from the bridge. This one is harder to explain. Just remember that it is in one of those little coves/pockets.

    Good Luck, your probably see me out there! Say hello!