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  • simplecircuit

    September 25, 2013 at 6:49 am

    In the fall, the shorter days and dropping water temps cause the bait(in this case, shad) to move out of the main lake and back into the creeks. The bass tend to go where the food is. I can’t remember exactly what motivates the shad to move. I seem to recall it having to do with their food source. For threadfin shad that would be plankton. As the bait and bass move back into the creeks, they tend to be easier to find in shallower water than in the summer. The bass also know that it’s time to eat in preparation for the colder months of winter. So, they can often be found schooling around the bait. This makes them more aggressive and at times easier to catch in a wider variety of ways [topwater, crankbaits, flukes, spinnerbaits, Alabama rig, etc…] I wouldn’t say there are any specific spots that are 100% in the fall. As a rule of thumb though, you should start focusing your time on the water if not in the creeks at least very close to them. Some people like to start in the back and work out toward the main lake. I think you should be able to get a good idea about where in the creeks they are from these reports. Seems like right now, they are still in the mouths of the creeks, just starting to move in. Once fall starts to wind down, the fish will migrate back to deeper water towards the main lake. When spring comes around, they will basically go back to the creeks again and start all over. Also, this doesnt mean you cant catch fish in other places, just that the predominamt seasonal patterns for bass in general have them moving this way. Anyone else care to chime in? Its kind of late, and i thinkim starting to ramble. Hope this helps. J