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  • blockel

    October 16, 2013 at 2:02 pm
    quote creekcrappie:

    I want to try and gain some confidence in this just in case I need it down the road. I think I will target lay downs. Where is an area of the lake where there is a lot of cover to flip to?

    Another structure you might try is large chunk rock. You can find this type of structure throughout the lake but especially around bluff walls. And more specially towards the ends, usually there will be a transition from large “boulder-esque” rocks to smaller chuck rock and than gravel sometimes. The fish will use these large rocks for shade, just as they do any type of wood or grass. I’ve had really good luck during “blue-bird” conditions targeting these types of areas. Not to mention, John Hopkins won the recent BFL tournament on Percy implementing the same type of pattern.