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  • degaman

    November 5, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    Not to be a spoil sport Frisky, but a largemouth has to be 15″ to qualify as a keeper. That said, still not a bad outing.

    Went back to Mona today. Watched my sideview all the way out to the West Fork and saw lots of shad, but couldn’t get anything to bite. Back at the Mona launch ramp I came across another large school of shad being actively fed upon just like yesterday. Threw everything in the tackle box at them with no luck. Put a 4 blade spinner bait on, also no strikes. Replaced the skirt with a fluke, same thing. Finally out of desperation I replaced the fluke with a 4″ white grub. That was the ticket. Caught over 10 bass with several keepers.