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  • blockel

    November 8, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Being from Michigan and primarily fishing smallie must of my life, the bladebait is a staple and as important as the jerkbait and tube! To be honest, I’ve always thought of a bladebait as a deep water jerkbait.

    As for working them, it has always been pretty straight forward with people up North. You let them sink to the bottom and simply lift your rod from about 3 to 1 o’clock. Then you can either drop your rod, creating slack and as a result making the bait fall suddenly and straight to the bottom. Or you can keep the line tight and almost follow the bait with your rod down to the bottom, creating more of a gliding action. Both are effective, however I’m usually using the latter method described, following the bait down to the bottom.