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  • simplecircuit

    November 8, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    Long Answer ::

    In terms of fishing on the river…
    I used to fish the Cumberland almost exclusively during the summer due to the lack of boat traffic. I used to fish out of an aluminum Tracker which was easy to take in and out at any of the ramps. Since it was aluminum, I’d just drive it up on the ramp to take out. Now I’m in a fiberglass BassCat – which i know can be bumped up onto the ramp, but I’m just not crazy about doing… So, we put in at Neely’s Bend or at the new ramp in Donelson on the Stones River.

    All that being said…
    My favorite time of year to fish on the river is right now. I love fishing the river in the middle to late fall. Also, I like to fish when there is some current running [preferably right when it starts running]. Several years ago, I broke off the biggest smallmouth I’ve ever seen in late-October. I was pitching a finesse jig to rocks with a log down on an outside bend in the river while the current was running pretty well. I got the fish up next to the boat and made the foolish mistake of trying to show off and line lift the fish into the boat. It got up to the dorsal fin before my 15lb fluorocarbon popped. I’ll never forget it. I also always go back to that spot at this time of year to fish the past. There’s always fish there, but not any like that one…

    As it gets closer to winter, you might try fishing closer to the Old Hickory bridge. Around Hill Island is a good place to fish when the sun is high and the current is running. There are a lot of scattered rocks/boulders between the island and the channel that break the current and hold heat. I’ve also had a good amount of success fishing the mouth of the Stones at this time of year.

    Otherwise, I’m always open to fishing the river if it looks like the water is at a certain level and the current is running. I’ve never checked what that level is in terms of depth at the tailrace. If you look at riverfront from the east bank of the river, I prefer the water to be up to the concrete on the far right side. I also have some visual things I look for from my office downtown.

    Short answer ::

    Late fall is my favorite time. Current and generation schedule is a must for me to fish the river. I’ll also fish the river any time the water is up high in the summer and late spring after rains. Just be careful and look out for logs/trees/debris.