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  • frisky97

    November 30, 2013 at 1:58 am

    My son and I went out for about 4 hours today. We threw every but the boat ancor and couldn’t buy a strike. We started about half way up Stewart creek and had no luck at all along the rock walls. Moved down to center lake saw lots of bate balls and large fish in spots at about 21-25ft. Dropped a spoon on top of their heads no takers. Tried drop shot, no luck. Fished the weakly bridge and rifraf flipping shakeyheads and deep crankbait still no luck. Flipped watermelon jig black craw trailer all the way down the rock wall near the Faith Sanders Rec. boat ramp only caught a bologna sandwich when we stopped for a coffee break.

    Seems like they were gathering in deep pockets that dropped from 12-14ft to 21ft or more near the channel but they just wouldn’t eat. Would like to go out again tomorrow, but not sure what it takes to get them to bite.

    Hopefully some of you guys had better luck and can shed some light on a more productive plan.