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  • bigred

    December 1, 2013 at 1:12 am

    Sorry guys, I was down with a bad cold for the last week. But, I went out today. Launched in Barton Creek. Creek temp was 48 degrees. Main lake was right at 50 degrees. River had a good flow, I think they were running two generators. Anyway, was a little confused about where the bass would be … I’ve read that below 50 degrees and the bass return to main lake “winter” locations. I idled around checking creek mouths, inside turns, bluff walls and the ledges along some big flats … didn’t mark a single fish. I was reading in Bassmaster that you should only fish where you actually mark fish since the bass will school very tightly. Makes them a bit harder to find but once you do locate them the school shoould be good sized. All the areas that I checked were straight out of the article. I started to look up in the creeks but the wind had come up pretty strong and boat control on the trolling motor can get difficult with the way the wind tunnels down those creek channels.

    So, spent 3 hours doing a pretty good search and didn’t find a single medium or bigger bass. I run my switchfire set on medium sized fish alarm and actually watch the down imaging as I search. That way I have the alarm backup to anything I spot visually.

    Wish I had better news. I’ll be heading out tomorrow since it looks to be a good day. Hopefully, a better post will follow!