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  • rolltidech

    December 2, 2013 at 3:57 am

    Probably was me you saw. I have a white Javelin (2001 model).
    I caught 3 keepers on that bank, one was a 4.29lb largemouth.
    The crazy thing about the whole day was, I was having trouble getting my motor started.
    I had to troll outside the no wake buoys at blast off.
    It was hit and miss on the motor starting (when I turned the key the motor wouldn’t turn over. Think it might be the ignition switch)
    so I decided to stay close to Fate Sanders just in case I couldn’t get it to start up.
    I knew I could at least use the trolling motor to get back in for weigh in..
    Was a tough way to start a tournament, but luckily when I needed the motor to start it did.
    I fished that tournament last Saturday also.
    Last week, My first stop was across from Fate Sanders, same place I caught the keeper smallmouth this week.
    I lost a 4 pounder there last week.
    Then went over to the sister cove and lost a 3 pounder there too!
    I got so mad had the boat back on the trailer by confidence was broken.
    Boy, my wife gave me an earful for leaving the tournament early! lol!
    AND I swear she called Bill Dance because his show last week was called “A Word Called Confidence”!

    Chuck Howell