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  • blockel

    December 2, 2013 at 6:58 pm
    quote rolltidech:

    I fished that tournament last Saturday also.
    Last week, My first stop was across from Fate Sanders, same place I caught the keeper smallmouth this week.
    I lost a 4 pounder there last week.
    Then went over to the sister cove and lost a 3 pounder there too!
    I got so mad had the boat back on the trailer by confidence was broken.
    Boy, my wife gave me an earful for leaving the tournament early! lol!
    AND I swear she called Bill Dance because his show last week was called “A Word Called Confidence”!

    Chuck Howell

    That’s pretty darn funny… and unfortunate, of course. I think we’ve all been there, or close to that point at one time or another.

    Kudos on the detailed report, not to mention the awesome day on the lake! However, 22lbs from Mickey Beck… excuse me guys but are you $h!tt!n’ me?! I thought for sure you had the victory in the bag as I was reading the report but then to read that not only did you get beat but, by 7lbs… my mind is blown. Can anyone confirm whether or not he was using dynamite, or trailered down to Guntersville for the day?? Haha 😉 .

    Congrats again, Rolltidech!